Franklin responded to Iowa’s Ferenc and denied fake injuries | WGN Radio 720

James Franklin of Pennsylvania State University denied a defensive player who pretended to be injured during the Iowa match, showing that Hawkeyes coach Kirk Ferentz was suspicious of some of the interruptions in play.

“How does this strategy make sense for the chat team?” Franklin said, referring to the systematic style of Iowa’s attack. People use this strategy to slow people down. Spread offense, tempo offense. They flock. So the strategy didn’t make sense in this situation. “

During Hawkeyes’ 23-20 victory on Saturday, Iowa fans booed while several Pennsylvania State University players were being treated for injuries on the field.

Ferenc admitted on Tuesday that some Pennsylvania State University players had been legitimately injured, but defended Iowa fans by saying they “smelled a rat.”

“I don’t want to see anyone injured,” Ferenc said. Our fans are not stupid. They are watching, they know what is happening.

“I’ve been here for 23 years and I think this is the second time I’ve seen that happen.”

Franklin’s reply took place on Wednesday in a 12-minute session with reporters, during which he listed each smashed player and how Pennsylvania State University removed some of the best players from the game. I asked if it would be useful. At least three players did not return to the game after going down.

If a player is injured on the field and the game is stopped, the player must leave the field at least once.

“We’ve been playing for six years, six years in a row – 4-2 in our record – has it ever appeared? Has anyone seen it? As a head coach? Has anyone seen it in 8 years? Has it appeared at Pennsylvania State University? Has it appeared in my 12 years as head coach? Not shown. “

The most serious injury to Pennsylvania State University on Saturday was a defensive tackle with PJ Mustifer, who participated in the season. Mustyper, the best interior defensive lineman at Pennsylvania State University, appeared to have a leg injury.

“Be in the position of a parent,” Franklin said. Your son is down the field due to an injury and the stadium is booing him. … Your son is injured and has fallen into the field-and I just told you that PJ Mustifer is over for a year-and we are booing. Is it good for college football? “

Pennsylvania State University also lost quarterback Sean Clifford in the second half of the first half. Seniors didn’t play in the second half. Frankin did not provide up-to-date information on Clifford’s status or details of his injury, as well as his practice for those who do not appear to be at the end of the season.

No. 7 Pennsylvania State University will not play this week and will face Illinois at home on October 23.

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Franklin responded to Iowa’s Ferenc and denied fake injuries | WGN Radio 720

Source link Franklin responded to Iowa’s Ferenc and denied fake injuries | WGN Radio 720

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