Former police officer who killed Dante Wright presents possible defenses | WGN Radio 720

Minneapolis (AP) — A former suburban Minneapolis police officer who said he was hesitant to use a taser instead of a pistol when shooting Daunte Wright in April was potentially ahead of the November trial. We are presenting various defense measures.

A lawyer for former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter said in a document released Thursday that he might argue that the death of a black driver, Wright, was an innocent accident or an innocent mistake. .. They may also argue that Potter’s “perceived use of the taser was rational,” and there is a lack of causality, which is that her actions are a substantive factor in his death. It means it wasn’t.

Attorney Paul En wrote that Potter may claim other defenses as more evidence is examined.

White Potter killed 20-year-old Wright on April 11 for manslaughter. She was initially charged with manslaughter, but prosecutors added a number of manslaughter charges last month.

The defense sought to dismiss the new accusation. First-class manslaughter claims that Potter recklessly handled firearms and jeopardized Wright’s safety when death or serious physical harm was reasonably foreseeable. ..

En said, “Taser! Taser! Taser!” When Potter shouted, it was clear that she thought she was using a taser instead of a gun. Mr En said Potter was unaware that he was trying to create a risk of harming Wright and could not recognize and ignore that risk.

“It’s an accident that the jury sees and hears instead,” Engh wrote. “And accidental shooting by police officers is not a crime.”

En said that if Potter intended to use Taser, he wouldn’t shoot Wright, and the facts don’t apply to either accusation against her.

“The state cannot prove a crime by playing a video showing the accident,” Engh wrote. “The prosecution can’t beat the cry of” Taser, Taser, Taser, “which means she intended to use Taser, so as not to hurt Mr. Wright. Nor is there any reason for her great regret after the fact that it could not have been a conscious act. ”

Prosecutors alleged that there was evidence to prove the elements of both charges in a jury-determined case. Instead of accusing the state of deliberately killing Wright, she “acted consciously and intentionally in choosing to use power … reaching for and pulling on weapons, Point and operate. ”

En is also in trouble with Seth Storton, an expert in the use of force of prosecution. Seth Storton tells the false story that Potter should have driven Wright away and speculates that he will be arrested later. En claimed that he created a dangerous situation when Wright tried to drive him away, “Pocketer Potter could not ignore Mr. Wright’s danger. He had to be arrested.”

Storton, a professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law, also testified to the state in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of George Floyd’s death. In that case, Storton testified that “reasonable” police officers would not have done what Chauvin did.

Potter’s trial is scheduled to begin on November 30th.

Former police officer who killed Dante Wright presents possible defenses | WGN Radio 720

Source link Former police officer who killed Dante Wright presents possible defenses | WGN Radio 720

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