Former NFL player Philippe Adams autopsy looks for evidence of CTE

Columbia, South Carolina — The brains of Philippe Adams, a former NFL player who killed a South Carolina doctor, a family of three, and a repairman, affected many professional athletes, with news reports showing intense mood swings and more. Has been shown to cause cognitive impairment.

Corona Sabrina Gust of York County told the McClutch newspaper on Friday that Adams’ family had approved the procedures included as part of his autopsy at the Medical University of South Carolina. The hospital is working with Boston University and its Center for Chronic Trauma Encephalopathy is conducting research on the long-term effects of recurrent brain trauma on athletes and military personnel, according to its website.

Gust did not immediately return calls or emails from the Associated Press, nor did he respond to messages left directly in her office.

According to the police Adams went to Robert and Barbara Leslie’s house on Wednesday and shot and killed two of their grandchildren, 9-year-old Adaresley and 5-year-old Noah Leslie, and James Lewis, 38-year-old Air. Air conditioning technician. He also shot 38-year-old Robert Shuk, a colleague of Lewis who lives in Cherryville, North Carolina. ..

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson said investigators did not understand why Adams carried out the attack.

Mr. Tolson said evidence left at the shooting site led the investigator to Adams as a suspect. He said they went to Adams’parents’ home, evacuated them, and tried to persuade them to come out to Adams. Eventually, they found him dead in the bedroom with a single gunshot wound on his head, he said.

A person who was briefed on an investigation that spoke to the Associated Press on anonymous terms because he was not allowed to speak publicly treated Adams, who lived with his parents not far from Leslie’s house. I said I did.

Tolson did not confirm that Adams was a doctor’s patient.

It takes several months for results to be obtained from a test for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which can only be diagnosed by autopsy. This disorder is found in people with repeated head injuries, such as former military personnel, soccer players, and boxers. A recent study showed signs of the disease in 110 of the 111 NFL players who examined their brains.

A few years ago, the league agreed to pay $ 1 billion to retired players who claimed to have misunderstood them about the dangers of playing football.

The 32-year-old Adams participated in 78 NFL games over six seasons with six teams. He joined the 49ers as a seventh round draft topic from the South Carolina in 2010 and rarely started, but played in New England, Seattle, Auckland and the New York Jets before finishing his career at the Atlanta Falcons. Did. In 2015.

As a rookie in the second half of the 2010 season, Adams suffered a serious ankle injury, resulting in surgery to insert some screws into his leg. He never played in the 49ers, which was released just before the start of the 2011 season. Then, along with the Raiders, he had two concussion in three games in 2012.

It was not immediately clear if he suffered a long-term concussion-related injury. Adams had not retired by 2014 and would not have been eligible to be tested for such injuries as part of an extensive reconciliation between the league and former players.

Adams’ father told Charlotte’s television station that he had accused football of his son’s problems, which could have committed violence on Wednesday.

“I can say he’s a good boy. He was a good boy. I think football has ruined him,” Alonzo Adams told WCNC-TV. “He didn’t talk much and no one cares.”

Adams’ sister told USA Today that her brother’s “mental health was rapidly deteriorating and was terrible,” and the family was “extremely concerned” about mental illness, including increased temperament and neglect of personal hygiene. He said he noticed the signs.

Former NFL linebacker Gerald Dixon, who retired in 2001, said the young players were calm and humble while coaching Adams in high school.

Dixon added that he had spoken to Adams a few months ago and was unaware of any signs of depression or other mental health problems. “Whenever I talked to him, he was always happy and just remembered the old days,” he said.

Dixon acknowledged that repeated head hits during the game could have affected Adams, as Dixon, who was later diagnosed with CTE, had a negative impact on many other NFL players known to him. It was.

“After experiencing a concussion, we never know what’s going on in a person’s mind,” Dixon said.

Agent Scott Casterline told AP that Adams did not participate in a physical and mental health program that was easily accessible to former players.

“We encouraged him to explore all his disability options, and he didn’t do that,” said Casterline, Adams’ career impaired by a 2010 ankle injury. Said it was. “I knew he was hurt and missing in football, but he didn’t accept the health tips he was given. He said he would, but he didn’t. . “

Former NFL player Philippe Adams autopsy looks for evidence of CTE

Source link Former NFL player Philippe Adams autopsy looks for evidence of CTE

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