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Vicky Krieps says Mia Hansen-Love Bergman Island.. She is not the second, third, or twelfth option because the role of filmmaker Chris, who continues to retreat to Faro with the filmmaker’s husband, already belonged to Greta Gerwig. was.

But just a few months before the shoot, Gerwig was asked if he wanted to direct “Little Woman.” That’s where creeps comes in.

Like the rest of the world, Hansen-Love fell in love with her in the “Phantom Thread”. And she liked the actors adding a European flair to the characters. Creeps wanted it too, but it would be complicated. Two children were involved.

“The moment I read the email, I thought,’I’m going to make this movie, but now I have to tell others, and they won’t be okay with that.'” And it wasn’t. “The 38-year-old Creeps said. “I’ve just planned my year and it’s never easy to negotiate when I can work. For women to work, it’s always negotiation.”

And there was a big problem. The actor who played Chris’s husband Tony has also left, and they have yet to find a replacement. So Crepes had to uproot her family and go to the Baltic islands. Without knowing who her husband was, there was little notice to shoot a project about marriage, at least in part.

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“It’s not so easy to find a man who plays only her husband,” she said. “It sounds crazy, but it’s true.”

Eventually, Tim Roth joined as Tony.

It’s not what people usually say when talking about how to make a movie, everyone is the first and only choice, and claims that everything went according to plan. Still it is true, and no matter how awkward and complex it may be, it has also created something transcendental that makes it always feel like it was intended.

There are all reasons not to do that, but the attraction to “Bergman Island” was strong and had little to do with Ingmar Bergman or his films. At Chris, Creeps saw himself. Mothers, artists and lovers, but did not know what order their identities should take, especially in contrast to their more successful husbands.

“It really is the question,’Who am I as a woman in my life?'” Creeps said. “It’s about women accepting their way and accepting it.’Well, I don’t have the technique.'”

In the process of the movie being released in theaters on Friday, reality begins to blur, and when Chris talks to Tony about the idea of ​​the movie, the audience shifts to Chris’s imagination: a woman going to a wedding on Bergman Island (Mia Wasikowska). Reconnect with (Anders Daniel Senry).

Like all Hansen-Love movies, the story shares some similarities with the director’s personal life. She had a relationship with French filmmaker Olivier Assayas and had children.

“(Mia) said,’As you know, my films are always a kind of autobiography, but they aren’t. It’s drawn from my life, but it’s actually. It’s not my life. If you want to know, you can ask, “Creeps said. “But I didn’t ask because I didn’t feel the need to know. I always knew she was in a sense, but we never talked about it.”

They just trusted each other. Creeps felt that there was an invisible connection they shared, knowing how difficult it was to maintain creativity and productivity while caring for children.

“I hear an interview with an actor. For example,” Then I prepared for this role. I lost a lot of weight in a year. “Yes, well, someone takes care of my child. If so, I would like to prepare that way. I can’t prepare for that because it’s always on and off, “she said in a quiet voice, not to awaken the sleeping children off the wall. Different territories or different imaginations “

By the way, Creeps hasn’t settled on which aspect of his life should be the dominant force, but she’s okay. Chris helped her get there.

“The most daring and courageous thing is to let go and dive into the unknown. This is the only way in private life, as I did in this movie without knowing who my husband is or who the other leading actors are. Every morning, it’s a leap into the unknown. And in this great anxiety of not knowing, I think there is peace that can be found by letting go. “

And despite her worries, her children had a great time on vacation at Faro while she was working. This experience also made it possible for her to assess the attention imposed on her after the “phantom thread”.

“Suddenly I didn’t imagine myself being this actress in Hollywood. I did a lot of the opposite. I was a little away from Hollywood. My life changed in a way. Who was I because I wasn’t myself before, but then I wasn’t a new person and I didn’t intend to move to LA? It was a very strange place. Really to handle it It took me two years, “she said.

“I think making’Bergman Island’was really helpful because I had this landscape. I was able to return to this place. I can meditate on all these questions. I think … the image of the movie transcends from reality to reality and then to your reality, so I think it’s very good. I think that’s what happened in “Phantom Thread”. I had to come back after getting lost in some strange space. “

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For Vicky Krieps, the fusion of life and art on “Bergman Island” | Entertainment

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