Florida Court Claims to Murder Plan Against Republican Candidate

This October 29, 2020 photo shows Republican U.S. Congressman Anna Paulina Luna and First Lady Melania Trump speaking in front of President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida. .. According to court documents, Luna is seeking a retraining order. Against William Bradock, who stalked her and accused her of wanting to die. Bradock denies that claim and wants to see evidence against him. On Tuesday, June 22, 2021, a judge in Pinellas County agreed to postpone the matter until July 9. (APPhoto / Chris O’Meara)

ST. Petersburg, Florida (AP) —Republican parliamentary candidate claims that another GOP has planned to kill her when she landed in court in Florida on Tuesday.

Anna Paulina Luna, who will run for Florida’s 13th District seat after losing a slot battle with Democrat Charlie Crist in 2020, is stalked by Republican challenger William Bradock. And claims in court documents that she wants her death. Luna has applied for a permanent detention order. Pinellas County Circuit Judge Doneene Loar had previously given Luna and her conservative activist and her friend Erin Orzewski a temporary detention order after the allegations surfaced.

Bradock, who had already submitted a Republican candidate in court on Tuesday, told the judge that he opposed the injunction and wanted to “obtain, review, and verify” evidence against him. He did not deal directly with the accusations, but denied them in the past and called them political motivations.

“I don’t know what they have,” he said in court.

Loar has agreed to postpone the hearing until July 9 so that both sides can exchange evidence. She said temporary restraint orders against Bradock and Orzewski remained in force and warned him not to violate them.

In her petition, Luna claimed to have recently received a text message between Bradock and some of her colleagues, and he is said to have said, “I want to take me (Luna) out.” She also said that others had told her, “That means he’s going to kill me.”

“I don’t feel safe, and I’m currently afraid of my life from Mr Bradock,” Luna said in her petition.

The incident went in a darker, slightly stranger direction when Politico reported that he had secretly recorded a phone call with Bradock earlier this month. He said “Russian and Ukrainian attackers” could kill Luna within 24 hours.

“Luna will go down, and I hope it’s herself,” Bradock said in the recording, Politico said he got the recording. “For the benefit of the majority of people, we must sacrifice a few.”

According to the report, Bradock explained that he was arming the “hits” for “close combat,” and accidentally confirmed that nothing was left behind.

“There are no snipers, personally up close, so they know the targets are gone,” said Politico’s report, Bradock. The online news site quoted Bradock as saying he had never heard the recording and had no evidence that it was him.

This recording was not mentioned in Luna’s petition or Tuesday’s hearing at the video conference. Politico said Olszewski handed over the records to law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officials refused to disclose the information to the Associated Press, citing ongoing information. No criminal accusations have been filed. Olszewski did not answer phone calls or emails from the AP.

In 2020, Luna lost about 24,600 votes to the much more famous Christ in the 13th District Parliamentary Race in Pinellas County. Former Republican Florida Governor Cristo, who has held several other prominent positions, is running for Democratic Governor in 2022.

Many candidates are running for the district. This could be the key to deciding which party will control the House of Representatives after next year’s elections.

Among the other candidates for the race are Democratic state legislators Ben Diamond and Michele Rayner. More candidates are expected to participate in the campaign.

Florida Court Claims to Murder Plan Against Republican Candidate

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