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Do you know or think you know the true story of Dana Higgimbosam’s five-month kidnapping and torture, the son of a famous playwright who turned horror into art and testimony, and an unimaginable voice actress? Trauma without saying a word, regardless of Lucas Hinas‘NS Dana H. Throw you again and again within 90 minutes.

In parallel with Tina Satter’s equally fascinating Is this a room – They share the stage of the Lyceum Theater every other night – Dana H. Best of all, it’s an example of the strange and unexpected space created above. Broadway By a list of works with reduced pandemics. It’s hard to say that these two short, experimental plays found their place on Broadway due to less fierce competition over the roof, but without hesitation, they can praise their arrival. .. ..

The actress here, the epic Deirdre O’Connell, said she wouldn’t speak, which isn’t entirely accurate, but was reluctant to use the phrase “lip sync” too early. The usual implications of comedy and deception art forms do not apply here.Higgin Bosam with her trial, O’Connell Dana H. It conveys both the details of a woman’s trauma and something universal about the inclusive nature of abuse and its survival.

Some Background: In 1997, Dana Higgimbosam, a pastor of the Florida Psychiatric Ward, said that her rough background was a sort of psychiatric patient, addict, and former convict who needed her help. Helped to open up a professional niche, but just divorced her husband sent her only child Lucas to New York University and lost her employment at a evangelical Christian facility that banned divorce rice field.

In short, she was isolated alone and was an ideal target for men Dana H. Identified only as Jim, a stimulant-addicted, prison tattooed, heavily disturbed former prisoner raised from childhood in the criminal underground world of white supremacism and violence. Later one night, after Dana offered him kindness and recovery after a horrific suicide attempt, an angry Jim appeared in her house, beating her unconscious and kidnapping her. The beginning of five months of prisoners and a series of seemingly endless cheap motels and criminal roadside stations.

A few years after her kidnapping, Dana’s son Lucas Hnath is now a highly regarded and renowned playwright, whose work includes: Doll House Part 2 When Hillary and ClintonAsk a third party – theater A friend named Steve Cosson has a series of interviews with Dana, who himself feels he is a well-known Off-Broadway writer and director and is finally ready to share her story publicly. It was conducted.Those are the recordings we hear Dana H.

“Dana H.”

Director Leswaters, with both documentary attention to detail and dreamy-looking artistry, Dana H. A fully recreated Florida motel room designed by Andrew Bois as something like a pink and pale green corridor, instantly called “Florida,” and gradually more and more “prison.” O’Connell sits face-to-face with the audience, speaks Higgenbosam’s words, and miraculously, through facial expressions and nervous gestures, a rush of emotions believing in her tamped, shell-shocked verbal delivery. I will tell you the swirl.

Here’s how Dana evenly describes her early encounters with the outside world while under Jim’s control.

“One of the first things that happened so far was to go to a pawn shop. He wanted a shotgun. He had a hand around my neck all the time and almost everything we were At that place his hand was always on my neck like that, and he tells the man straight, “I can’t buy it … I’m a felony, uh, she I’m going to buy it. “And the man said,” OK. ” “

Then the pattern that repeats for the next 5 months begins. The cycle of abuse and control seems to form a literal barrier between the abuser, the victim and the outside world, and it is very difficult to fully understand a story like Dana. Dana is familiar with the questions that plague her from the days she was captured to the years after her escape. Why didn’t you just run away? Did you scream for help every time you met a clerk, was taken to an emergency room, or was pulled by the police?

Think of it as a towering achievement Dana H. By the end of this play, all listeners, except the thickest listeners, no longer feel compelled to ask those questions. To begin with, Dana / Higgenbosam details the real-world impact of Jim’s position on the country’s prison system and the white supremacist organization that has reached deeper than that-she is convinced and convincing. The alleged position later led to one police officer, who takes a hands-free approach when confronting an injured bloody woman.

But Dana’s words, and O’Connell’s performance, are now tough and fragile, going to a deeper level of reason and method. Her fascinating explanation of the five-month awakened nightmare draws us deep into the spirit of abuse and fully understands complete surrender, outrage.

When the escape comes, it looks like the most incredible part of the play-it’s not a criticism-it never existed when the motel maid was just doing the boring task of cleaning up an empty room. At the dazzling, now or never, moments conveyed through the theater flash, the seats become bloody, the lights suddenly flicker, and many recordings of Dana’s voice overlap with deafening dissonances. Twin Peaks episode. (Here, appreciate the extraordinary sound design of Mikhail Fixel and Paul Toben’s lighting works).

The surreal moments and turmoil not only tell the hero’s state of mind, but also require asking some difficult questions about the narrator’s credibility and fluidity of perspective. Are the motel maids, drawn by the only actor on the stage other than O’Connell, aware of the red splatters on those white sheets? Is she simply bored with having to be a mundane sight in her world?Maid, like Dana and her torturers and many people crossing the road Maybe notification.

Or maybe she doesn’t. Fear finds that there is no difference between the two methods.

Find Unthinkable Words – Deadline

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