Federation Wireless Demo with Shared Spectrum $ 12 Million 5G Private Network Pilot

Federated Wireless recently successfully demonstrated the US Marine Corps base Albany 5G testbed for the US Department of Defense (DoD) through the use of 5G-enabled IoT applications such as warehouse robotics, holographic, enhanced, and virtual reality applications.

This initiative aims to modernize the operations of the US Marine Corps. The demonstration uses a 380 MHz spectrum in the 3.5 GHz and 37 GHz millimeter-wave (mm-wave) shared DoD bands to reach fast downloads with delays of less than 1.5 Gbps and 15 ms for $ 12 million in prototype Smart Warehouse technology. Introduced the function of.

Federated Wireless has provided an automatic sharing framework for the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectral band. This includes Spectrum Controller and a national ESC sensor network.

The prototype 5G network is built on the next generation Open Radio Network standard to comply with the DoD specification of zero trust architecture for native security and secure connectivity with other networks. It is designed. The prototype is part of DoD’s “Tranche 1” for 5G projects and is a DoD investment of over $ 500 million in advanced 5G technology. Once the prototype is complete, it will be deployed as a private 5G network at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Georgia, using up to 750MHz of available shared spectral bandwidth to improve performance.

Federated Wireless has joined the DoD 5G-to-Next G Initiative (5GI) agreement for its industry leadership in 5G and shared spectrum and its participation in partners AWS, Cisco, JMA, Vectrus, Peraton Labs, and Capstone Partners. Selected as the main one in. Deployment is currently underway.

Jennifer McCarthy, Vice President of Legal for Federated Wireless
This pilot further emphasizes the importance of sharing spectra between government and non-government agencies, while demonstrating that it can provide the spectral efficiency and high bandwidth capacity required for private 5G wireless networks.

Sal D’Itri, VP and GM, Federated Wireless Public Sector
The demonstration witnessed the simple fact that the United States can lead the innovation of shared spectrum and 5G and provide the Pentagon and US companies with a breakthrough experience.

Federation Wireless Demo with Shared Spectrum $ 12 Million 5G Private Network Pilot

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