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Federal agents search the homes of Trump Justice Department officials who have pushed efforts to overturn the 2020 elections – Chicago Tribune

Washington — Federal agents search the homes of former Justice Department officials and seize records from key Republicans in at least four states related to Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections. did. Former president.

On Wednesday, authorities searched the Virginia home of Jeffrey Clark, who was known in the Justice Department to defend the false allegations of Trump’s fraudulent elections. Recent agents have also provided subpoenas for Republican chairs in Nevada and Georgia. These states, in support of President Joe Biden, have created a slate of “alternative voters” aimed at overturning the vote by Trump’s allies. Republicans from two states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, also revealed that they had been interviewed by the FBI.

The Justice Department appears to be escalating an investigation into Trump’s supportive efforts to overturn the 2020 elections, which culminated in the deadly January 6 riots. Law enforcement disclosures were made when the U.S. House of Representatives investigating the riots stated that there was new evidence of Trump’s efforts and his knowledge that there was no legal basis to overturn the elections. I did.

The Commission’s Thursday hearing focused on Trump’s desire to establish a Clark on the Justice Ministry on the last day of his administration. It wasn’t immediately clear why Clark’s Virginia home was searched, and it wasn’t clear what the agent was searching for. The person who confirmed the search was not allowed to discuss it by name and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Both the Commission and federal authorities are investigating the use of officially elected electoral substitutes in the seven fierce battle states that voted for Biden. Trump and his allies have vehemently pressured authorities in those states to replace Biden’s voters with those for him, with suspicious or non-existent allegations that his victory was stolen.

There is increasing revelation about the false slate of voters. This week’s committee sent a text message stating that Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, a Trump ally, tried to hand over a fake voter vote to former Vice President Mike Pence’s aide. Disclosed. The text indicates that Pence’s aide refused to accept the vote. Johnson told a conservative talk radio host in Wisconsin Thursday that the fake electoral college came from the office of Congressman Mike Kelley in Pennsylvania.

Among those who received the subpoena was Georgia Republican Chairman David Schaefer, who was familiar with the issue of not being allowed to discuss ongoing investigations.

Nevada GOP Chair Michael McDonald approached him outside his car in Las Vegas on Wednesday and handed over his phone to a federal agent when he presented his warrant. In December 2020, McDonald’s stood outside the NV State Assembly and, along with other fake electorates, swore a so-called “oath of office” lined with camouflaged men with semi-automatic rifles.

In Pennsylvania, an FBI agent interviewed the Allegheny County Republican chairman at home Thursday and gave him a summons for communication between him, the state’s Trump electorate, Trump’s campaign and members of the legal team. , Said party official Sam Demarco, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In a statement, Demarco said his actions as a voter were “open, senior, and based solely on protecting the legal rights of President Trump to win the case in court.” That’s why I agreed to serve as a voter only if the president legally challenged the Pennsylvania vote. “

And in Michigan, Michelle Landgren told The Detroit News that someone at the FBI summoned a subpoena to her on Thursday and another Trump voter on Wednesday. Lundgren, 72, said the discussions with the agents were “long” and “fun” and had one of the agents use the phone and computer.

“They kept asking me questions and I kept giving them answers,” she said.

Clark’s House was searched by a federal agent shortly before the Commission hearing he focused on. Three other former Justice Department officials testified about the January 3, 2021 Oval Office meeting. agency.

Trump only forgave when other high-ranking Justice officials warned him to resign if he implemented a plan to replace Rosen with Clark.

Clark’s lawyer did not return an email or phone message asking for comment.

Las Voot, chairman of the American Regeneration Center, where Clark recently joined as a senior fellow, tweeted that federal officials forced Clark “on the street” while wearing pajamas and “carrying electronic devices.”

“I thought it was appropriate for Jeff to investigate fraudulent votes,” Vort continued. “This isn’t America, you guys. The government’s weaponization must end. I’ll make it clear. We’re by Jeff, so all the patriots in this country must. I can’t. “

The House Committee and the Ministry of Justice have been working separately, but there has been public friction. The Commission initially denied access to the Justice Department’s records, including interviews with Trump’s family, senior officials, and key supporters. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s key representative renewed their request in a letter to the Commission last week.

“Interviews conducted by the Special Committee may not only be related to our overall criminal investigation, but also to certain prosecutions that have already been launched. You’ll know right now, “they write.

Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff, who was on the committee and called on Garland to investigate Trump, told CNN on Sunday that Congress would not normally submit all of the investigation files to the Justice Department.

“Traditionally, they don’t wait for Congress to do the job for the department,” he said. “So we will work with them. We hope they succeed in leading people to justice.”

Associated Press writers Scott Bauer of Madison, Wisconsin, Sarah Barnett of Chicago, Marclevi of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Sammetz of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Michelle L. Price of New York contributed to this report.

Federal agents search the homes of Trump Justice Department officials who have pushed efforts to overturn the 2020 elections – Chicago Tribune

Source link Federal agents search the homes of Trump Justice Department officials who have pushed efforts to overturn the 2020 elections – Chicago Tribune

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