“Fearless (Taylor’s version)” drawn from the Grammy Awards

Washington [US], July 22 (ANI): Pop star Taylor Swift has drawn a recent re-recording of the 2008 sophomore album “Fearless” from the Grammy and CMA awards.

Republic Records representative on Billboard, Taylor Swift’s latest album, Evermore, submitted to the Grammy Awards for consideration in all eligible categories as the singer pulled “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” from the award. He said it would be done.

In a statement to Billboard, a Republic Records representative recently said, “After careful consideration, Taylor Swift will not submit Fearless (Taylor version) in any of this year’s Grammy and CMA awards categories.” .. “Fearless has already won four Grammy Awards. It will continue to be the most award-winning country album in history, including the Album of the Year and the 2009/2010 Album of the Year CMA Awards,” said the representative. I added.

Released in July 2020, “Folk Roar” recently gave a 31-year-old singer the third best ever Grammy award in 2021 within five months of “Evermore.” I got it.

“Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” was released in April and made its debut on the Billboard 200 for more than 12 years since the original version became the same in November 2008.

According to Billboard, a more recent record featuring six new tracks became her ninth album, debuting in first place.

In addition, Outlet reported that “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” was the only re-recorded album in history and the biggest week ever for an album in 2021. Swift is also the first woman to release. According to Billboard, Folklore, Evermore, and Fearless (Taylor’s version) are three new No. 1 albums a year, spanning eight months and two weeks.

In response to Fearless (Taylor’s version) reaching top charts, the singer spoke to People Magazine in April to maintain the recreational process and the same essence as the Grammy-winning original. I talked about how I guaranteed that.

“When it comes to production, I wanted to stay very faithful to the first melody I was thinking about for these songs, so I actually got involved and tried to create a” same but better “version. It’s the same part I originally dreamed of for these songs, but if there was a way to improve the sound quality, I did, “she said.

Taylor said, “We took in and applied all the knowledge we gained over the decades of playing this music, but yeah, I lined up and listened to all the vocals and thought about it. What is my change here? [could] I improved it. But I really wanted this to be very faithful to what I first thought and what I wrote first. But better. clearly. “Swift was legally allowed to re-record her first five albums in November. Scooter Braun owns last year following a $ 330 million deal with the Big Machine label group. Won.

After leaving Big Machine, Swift signed contracts with Republic Records and Universal Music Group to agree to own future music rights, according to People Magazine. In 2019 she released “Lover”, followed by two albums in the pandemic 2020, “Folklore” and “Evermore”. (ANI)

“Fearless (Taylor’s version)” drawn from the Grammy Awards

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