Facebook introduces marketplace for Pakistani entrepreneurs

Islamabad: A new chapter in e-commerce is said to begin in the country after social media giant Facebook introduces an inter-customer platform that allows people to buy and sell goods.

“We are pleased that Facebook has also launched a’marketplace’for Pakistan after Amazon,” PM adviser Commerce Razak Duwood said Friday.

He went on to say that it would encourage small entrepreneurs to sell online.

The Facebook Marketplace was introduced in 2016 and is available in more than 100 countries. Previously, Facebook users in Pakistan did not have access to this feature.

“Such opportunities during the Covid-19 period could be the lifeblood of micro-enterprise,” said the advisor, friends, family and networks.

“This is the first step towards e-commerce,” Dawood said.

According to official documents seen by Dawn, the Facebook Marketplace was primarily a C2C platform, providing people with the opportunity to buy and sell goods.

A written message from Facebook management to Pakistan’s Department of Commerce said, “Introducing new features and products to our platform is Facebook’s way of demonstrating our commitment and support to our community in Pakistan. That’s it. “

“By expanding our product offerings in Pakistan and introducing new features in Pakistan, we will be able to support not only individuals, but also SMEs and even micro-enterprise using our platform,” Dawn said. The message that became available further states.

To elaborate on the features, Marketplace says that leveraging social networks will make it easier and more convenient for people to buy and sell.

“This complements Facebook’s wide range of efforts to support Pakistan’s vibrant small business community with a variety of products, services and training programs,” the message added.

In the marketplace, people can search the list or search for nearby items to find the best one to buy. Plus, you don’t have to download another app or set up a new account to buy or sell.

Similarly, users can contact people in the local community to find unique items for sale through their existing Facebook account.

The Marketplace is available on Facebook apps, desktops and tablets. You will find the icon on the left side of the Facebook page while using your web browser.

Social networking sites have been an integral part of Pakistani society for decades. More than 50 million people spend their time on Facebook every month in Pakistan, using the platform to connect with family and friends, find their favorite businesses and trade on a daily basis.

“The Facebook Marketplace was built to make it easier and more convenient for buyers and sellers who are already on the platform to connect and leverage this social network to sell their products,” said Facebook executives. Stated.

Currently, all transactions on the Marketplace are completed outside the Facebook platform.

“There are no revenues or seller fees for our role in enabling sales through the marketplace,” Facebook said.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the economy in many countries, including Pakistan. Facebook wants to support the Pakistani government’s efforts to recover its economy by providing features and products such as marketplaces that help people buy, sell and generate more economic activity.

“This is a program to help small businesses easily digitize their operations, adapt to online sales, and reach a wider network, and to help SMBs during this difficult time,” said a Facebook official. In addition to. ” For those who are new to building an online presence for free and with minimal complexity. “

Source: Dawn

Facebook introduces marketplace for Pakistani entrepreneurs

Source link Facebook introduces marketplace for Pakistani entrepreneurs

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