eZee Technosys Announces Latest Revenue Management System

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 17 (ANI / PR Newswire): Extensive revenue management including multi-level asset valuation, past and present performance analysis, real-time inventory synchronization, and compute rate analysis to deploy intelligent pricing engines Designed and developed with this in mind. eZee Mint is a globally recognized solution recommended for all types of accommodation businesses. Its comprehensive dashboard provides insights for the day at a glance and makes quick decisions. As technology advances, automated revenue management systems are rapidly gaining ground in the traditional hospitality industry by ensuring revenue promotion and improved performance. eZee Mint is synonymous with the solutions the hospitality industry needs today. eZee’s strength lies in its strong RnD skills, technical capabilities, industry expertise, and dynamic team members around the world.

eZee’s revenue experts help users analyze the extent of improvement and monitor their competitors. eZee Mint calculates competitive rates for available inventory based on a set of criteria such as weekly occupancy, seasonality, lead time, demand, last minute bookings and more. eZee Mint looks forward to supporting the accommodation business with better ARR and improved revenue. eZee has 22,000 happy clients and 159K software users in 170 countries supported by more than 200 partners. Adding eZeeMint to an organization’s existing portfolio of brands is an extension of its service excellence and customer satisfaction commitment.

Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee Technosys, said: Hitesh Patel, co-founder of eZee Technosys, explains: “With the launch of eZee Mint, eZee is hospitality’. A complete suite of eZee hospitality solutions will be upgraded with the most important dynamic pricing software, especially in the current situation where companies are looking to revive. eZeeMintcould can help. Optimizing your revenue will benefit from the accuracy and reliability of your eZee Mint, and ultimately you will be able to better manage your revenue. With the introduction of eZeeMint, eZeeTechnosys Harshdeep Khatri, CTO of Harshdeep Khatri, said: All hospitality technology products have been built and upgraded to the latest technology to provide our customers with the ultimate user experience. The legacy eZeeMint continues. -Safe and accurate dynamic pricing software meticulously calculates and updates prices within seconds. Today’s hospitality businesses need such fast and upgradeable software, and eZee Mint provides it to ensure the ideal yield.

eZee Technosys Announces Latest Revenue Management System

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