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File – This September 24, 2019 file photo is displayed in a Google building on the Campus in Mountain View, California. The European Auditor’s Court, which investigated the EU’s enforcement of competition rules over the last decade, said: Antitrust investigations have taken too long to be effective. European Union regulators have begun investigating Google’s new antitrust law. This time, we investigated whether US technology giants are curbing competition in digital advertising technology. (AP Photo / Jeff Chiu, File)

London (AP) — The European Union’s move to investigate Google for alleged antitrust laws in the digital advertising technology sector on Tuesday is the latest crackdown on block against US tech giants. This is an overview of recent enforcement measures taken by EU competition commissioner Marguerite Vestager.



June 2021: EU Commission officially decides whether Google will curb competition in the digital advertising technology market by supporting its own advertising service to buy display ads at the expense of rival services Start the investigation.

December 2020: Google’s $ 2.1 billion acquisition of fitness gadget maker Fitbit limits user data and promises to ensure that Android smartphones will work on other wearable devices for at least 10 years, after which EU commissioners Approved by the association. Human rights and consumer groups have called on authorities to thwart transactions over privacy and antitrust concerns.

2019: The EU Commission will fine Google € 1.49 billion (currently $ 1.8 billion) for misusing its dominant position as an online search advertising broker. Search for ads on these sites.

2018: The EU Commission has fined Google € 4.34 billion for forcing smartphone makers using the Android operating system to install the Google search and browser apps. In response, Google will offer European Android users a choice of browsers and search apps.

2017: EU Commission fines Google € 2.42 billion for unfairly supporting its own online shopping recommendations in search results and changes the way search results are provided in Europe I requested. Google has appealed to all three cases.



November 2020: The EU Commission has filed a complaint against for unfairly competing with its products using internal data from independent merchants on the platform. The Commission will also begin a second investigation into whether e-commerce giants will prioritize some products and sellers that use their logistics and delivery systems.



April 2021: The EU Commission has accused Apple of violating Block’s competition rules in the music streaming market by imposing unfair rules on rivals of the Apple Music service on the App Store. Apple’s practice of forcing app developers selling digital content to use an in-house payment system that charges a 30% commission and rules prohibiting app makers from teaching users cheap payment methods are for consumers. It will increase costs and limit your options. .. Apple will need to respond to the committee until mid-July.

June 2020: The EU Commission will begin investigating Apple’s payment platform on concerns that its practices will distort competition by limiting choices and innovations and keeping prices high. In addition, another survey of the App Store will begin, eventually incurring music streaming charges.



June 2021: The EU Commission has launched a formal investigation into Facebook’s data use in the classified ads market, and the UK competition watchdog has launched a parallel investigation. Regulators are investigating whether the “huge pile of data” Facebook collects about users and their interests will give them an “excessive competitive advantage” in the online classifieds sector, Vestagger said. The Commission specifically states that Facebook may collect data about user interests based on how rival classified sites advertise the service to Facebook users, and that the company will use that data to advertise their jobs. We are considering whether to adjust the marketplace that is. Defeat your rivals.

EU Google Adwords as part of block antitrust crackdown | WGN Radio 720

Source link EU Google Adwords as part of block antitrust crackdown | WGN Radio 720

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