Ernie Barnes paintings used in “Good Times” sell for $ 15.3 million – deadline

Ernie Barnes‘1976 painting Sugar shackUsed by Sitcom’s closing credits in the 70’s and is loved by millions of TV viewers Good Times Not only acting as Marvin Gaye’s 1976 album cover i want youSold for $ 15.3 million at an auction in New York City last night.

According to Christie’s Auction House, the sale set the auction record for Burns’ work more than 27 times the artist’s previous record, 76 times the high estimate of $ 200,000. The 10-minute auction brought together 22 bidders in front of Houston-based energy trader Bill Perkins.

“I would have paid more,” Perkins said. New York Times Following the auction. “In certain segments of the United States, it’s Mona Lisa.. “

Ernie Barnes (1966)
AP Photo / John Looney

Sugar shackDepicts a dancehall full of vibrant black dancers, stretched to the rhythm of an R & B band, inspired by the memories of Burns’ childhood North Carolina hometown, and black romantic. Gay was very attracted to the image of asking for permission to use it on the cover of the 1976 album.

Smashcom’s Fourth Season (1976-77) Produced by Norman Lear Good Times, Sugar shack It was used in both the show’s opening credits and closing credits, and was featured in either the opening credits or the closing credits in subsequent seasons. In the fifth and sixth seasons of the show, the painting appeared in the Evans family’s apartment, suggesting that it was the work of Jimmy Walker’s eldest son and ambitious painter, JJ Evans. (Other Burns paintings were occasionally featured in the show, and Burns himself was a professional soccer player in the 1960s before devoting himself to his artistic efforts, but briefly appeared in two early episodes of the show. bottom.)

This painting also influenced the memorable musical numbers of the 1983 television special. Motown 25: Yesterday, today, foreverPlay as a live dancer is drawn Sugar shack..

Burns died of leukemia in 2009 at the age of 70.

Ernie Barnes paintings used in “Good Times” sell for $ 15.3 million – deadline

Source link Ernie Barnes paintings used in “Good Times” sell for $ 15.3 million – deadline

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