Ergonomically adjustable wireless keyboard with mechanical switch

Nowadays, most people use keyboards for computers and tablets. However, not all keyboards are the same. Epomaker is here to transform typing games with the NT68, the world’s first portable 65% wireless mechanical keyboard. Oh, did you say it comes with an invisible stand? check it out!

Nowadays everyone uses a keyboard. These are standard on PCs and are built into laptops. They are digitally embedded in the operating systems of our mobile phones and tablets. But people like the options and the wireless keyboard market offers a lot of them. Now there is a new sheriff in town. Meet Epomaker, the creator of the world’s first portable 65% wireless mechanical keyboard. It comes with an invisible stand, has a compact design and works on a variety of platforms. Get this nifty new keyboard (figuratively) and see what it is!

NT68 adjustable wireless keyboard is ergonomically designed

Comes with a sleek case that can be adjusted to suit your typing style

Epomaker knows how many people are enjoying a great typing experience. They also understand that the keyboard needs to fit into your personal office setup and complement your lifestyle. That’s why it includes its own slim magnetic case. NT68 keyboard.. It has 3 holders where you can put your phone, pad,and pencil.. The FN keys on your keyboard are arranged in a left-right layout, so you can choose the one that best suits your typing style.

Comfortable and ergonomically designed adjustable wireless keyboard

With the on-the-go use in mind, another feature of the included slim case is that it acts as a stand for your cell phone or tablet. Unlike flat keyboards, the NT68 has adjustable height and angle so you can find a comfortable position on your wrist. When used in combination with a laptop, it dissipates heat better.

Epomaker’s adjustable wireless keyboard behavior

Epomaker’s NT68 is perfect for Mac

Mac and Windows users will appreciate the amazing experience the NT68 brings. Especially Mac keys are covered in the correct place. This allows for a smooth transition between your Mac keyboard and your Epomaker keyboard. Exchangeable keys also allow you to switch between Mac and Windows setups at your convenience. For those working on multiple platforms, this is a welcome option.

Bluetooth 5.1 and Type-C USB provide a stronger connection

Epomaker’s NT68 seems to have high goals when it comes to versatility and ease of use. It can be used in two ways: wired and wireless. It supports both Bluetooth for wireless function and Type-C USB for wired. It can also be integrated with up to 3 mobile devices at once via the latest Bluetooth 5.1 chipset. This should help improve performance and multitasking.

This adjustable wireless keyboard has a mechanical switch and an ergonomic design
NT86 Adjustable Wireless Keyboard Fits Mac Laptop

Gateron and Chocolate mechanical switch support is a big win

One of the coolest features Epomaker offers is that it includes support for Gateron mechanical switches. These switches are available in blue, brown, black, and red. The latest proprietary chocolate switches are available in blue, red, silver, brown, and rose brown. Epomaker understands the design flaws of other mechanical switches on the market and takes great care to develop its own mechanism. Now they are offering a new design that reduces wear. An additional bonus is that it also improves the overall typing experience.

This adjustable wireless keyboard has a mechanical switch and an ergonomic design
Epomaker adjustable wireless keyboard with case stand

Substandard adjustable wireless keyboard alternative

Do you write a lot? Interested in a keyboard that works well when moving between static settings or locations? Next, it’s worth checking out Epomaker’s NT68 wireless keyboard. It provides high quality craftsmanship and is a good alternative to over-standard. With its slim case, ergonomically adjustable design and mechanical switching capabilities, this keyboard is perfect for anyone looking to change their typing game.

NS Epomaker NT68 An adjustable wireless keyboard is coming soon. For more information Official website..

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Ergonomically adjustable wireless keyboard with mechanical switch

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