Emmy Rossum’s “Shameless” Star Emma Kenney Ends Showtime Series-Deadline

“We felt like a 100% family, and we still do.” Emma Kenney Of her companion Shameless Cast member. “We had such a bond experience.”

And like a family, the relationships between actors were complicated, she says.

Kenny, now 22 years old, Recently rap show time Popular series Call her dad Podcast Including her interaction with co-stars today Emmy Rossum..

Kenny said her relationship with Rossum, who played her sister at the show, “feels like a brotherhood in both good and bad ways.”

“We were both very young, so obviously we were much younger. Sometimes she tried to exert a positive influence, and sometimes she blatantly taught me … the best advice. There wasn’t, “Kenny said. “Maybe she was suffering from her own internal problem and was taking it up to others, but we all handle the situation differently.”

“As an adult, I wrote down what I wanted to do and what I didn’t want to do in my life, not just her.”

Asked at the show if he felt like living in the shadow of Rossum, Kenny replied: I was 9 years old and she was over 10 years older than me, so “Why is there a weird competition here when I’m not trying to compete?” I don’t know if it was someone else or she created it, but I know I didn’t. “

Rossum left the show in 2018, and Kenny said after she left:

“I remember before she left. If I went to the set someday and she had a bad day, she would have been a bad day for everyone, so it’s very difficult to make a scene with her. I was worried about it. “

Kenny says they are not in contact as to where their relationship is currently.

“I love Emmy very much. I’ve known her for a long time. We haven’t talked for years … but that’s okay,” she said. “I love her very much. I hope she finds her happiness.”

Emmy Rossum’s “Shameless” Star Emma Kenney Ends Showtime Series-Deadline

Source link Emmy Rossum’s “Shameless” Star Emma Kenney Ends Showtime Series-Deadline

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