Effective Strategies to Protect Skyrmions in Quantum Computing Devices

A magnetic skyrmion confined in a designed channel within a ferromagnetic film. Skyrmions are protected from touching the edges of the film.Credit: Shinshu University

Magnetic skyrmions are versatile terrain objects that can be used to carry information in future spintronics information processing devices. As a potential non-volatile information carrier, excellent durability and robust retention are desirable properties of skyrmions for spintronic devices. However, previous studies have suggested that the so-called skyrmion Hall effect can easily destroy skyrmions at the edges of the device during high-speed operation.

For these reasons, the current one focus Skyrmion Research is to find effective ways to prevent skyrmions from being destroyed by touching the edges of the device. Typical solutions include eliminating the skyrmion Hall effect in antiferromagnetic and synthetic antiferromagnetic systems.

In a study published in Nano letter, A group led by Professor Xiaoxi Liu of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Shinshu University, and their collaborators have shown in experiments that skyrmions can be effectively trapped in channels and protected from destruction. device The edge of a more commonly used ferromagnetic system. Confinement of skyrmions in designed channels Practical application Based on the accumulation and transportation of skyrmions. The authors found that the location of ferromagnet skyrmions can be controlled by designed energy barriers and wells.

Therefore, they experimentally produced magnetic multilayer films with many energy barriers and wells formed by patterns with altered magnetic properties. There, skyrmions can be attracted or repelled by the boundaries of the pattern. The authors build a reliable channel for confinement, storage, and potential transport of skyrmions as information carriers by creating patterns of magnetically altered squares and stripes on large ferromagnetic membranes. Indicates the possibility of doing so.

In addition, the method reported in this study has the potential for future studies of skyrmions that interact with one-dimensional and two-dimensional substrates, an important dynamic problem that has been theoretically investigated in the last few decades. Also provide.

“Our research has shown that strong topology protection for Skyrmion can be achieved by a simple and effective approach with the importance of practical applications,” said Shinshu University, who led this research. The experimenter Professor Xiaoxi Liu explains.

Dr. Xichao Zhang, a senior researcher at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, said: Magnetic characteristics To control the static and dynamic behavior of skyrmions, “he added. “In future work, we will investigate the current-induced dynamics of skyrmions in the designed channels. This is another important step towards skyrmion-based spintronics devices.”

The first high-speed linear motion of magnetic skyrmions at room temperature was demonstrated

For more information:
Kentaro Ohara et al., Confinement and protection of skyrmions with modified magnetic property patterns, Nano letter (2021). DOI: 10.1021 / acs.nanolett.1c00865

Provided by Shinshu University

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Effective Strategies to Protect Skyrmions in Quantum Computing Devices

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