Dumpling Haus receives Small Business Boost from Texass & Amegy Bank

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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a serious impact on SMEs around the world.

The Texans has three main organizational goals. It’s about winning the championship, creating a memorable experience, and doing great things for our community. With that third goal in mind, Texans and Amegy Bank are promoting and supporting small businesses that make the Houston community great.

The Texans have been nominated by fans and awarded a small business boost. Each winner will receive $ 2,500 to support their immediate business needs, with free promotional assets from the Texans, listing in the Texans’ Local Business Playbook, and exclusive AmegyBank business webins and events. You will receive an invitation.

Dumpling Haus women love sharing. Share delicious dumplings with the city of Houston, share meals for healthcare professionals essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, and share storefronts to house murals that bring awareness to a valuable purpose.

The Houston Texans and Ameji Bank are happy to share with Dumpling Haus. The former recently gave the latter a “small business boost”, which is a small token of appreciation for a unique company.

Founded in 2016, Dumpling Haus dumplings are made from scratch and wrapped by hand every day. Elaine Won is the owner and has tailored the menu to emphasize traditional Cantonese and Taiwanese cuisine.

“It was difficult to start a business just before the pandemic, but it is with the support of our community that we can continue to sell homemade home-cooked food,” Wong said. It was. “Sharing food is a big part of our culture and we are happy to bring people to our community with our food.”

In addition, Dumpling Haus has supported local farmers through the Urban Harvest Farmers Market and has worked with Community First for the past two years to provide meals to essential healthcare professionals during a pandemic. Dumpling Haus also collaborated with a local Asian-American artist on a mural in front of the store because he was aware of the Asian hate crimes and wanted to confront them.

The Texans and Amegy Bank is proud to support Dumpling Haus. Click here to find out more about delicious Sawyer Yard eateries. Here..

Dumpling Haus receives Small Business Boost from Texass & Amegy Bank

Source link Dumpling Haus receives Small Business Boost from Texass & Amegy Bank

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