Due to the virus, studies detailing American life will be reduced | Nationwide

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Due to pandemic quality concerns, data from the Census Bureau’s annual survey, which provides a wide range of US conditions from commuting time to education level, will not be released in the usual format this year, officials said Thursday. rice field.

Responses to the 2020 American Community Survey’s one-year estimate were collected from only 71% of the people needed for the survey due to the difficulties caused by the pandemic. Those who missed are biased towards low-income, poorly educated, and non-homeowners, increasing the risk of bias in findings, said Donna Daily, head of the American Community Survey Office. Stated.

“The COVID-19 pandemic poses many challenges to data collection. This is a difficult decision for us, but it demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality data.”

Census officials said the mailings sent by the Census Bureau to investigate participants were canceled for several months in the spring of 2020, and field workers following up at the homes of those who did not respond did not visit during that time. rice field.

The survey asks 3.5 million people each year about work, income, housing costs, disabilities, marital status, internet access, health insurance, the number of vehicles they own, and the types of appliances they have at home.

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The American Community Survey was launched in 2005 as an alternative to the long-form census survey sent to about one-sixth of all U.S. households during the ten-year population of all U.S. residents. I did. The long census questionnaire asked dozens of detailed questions about the social, economic and housing conditions of the inhabitants. Basically the short form that all US households got during last year’s census asks less than 10 questions.

The idea behind the American Community Survey’s annual estimate is to provide researchers and policies with up-to-date annual information on all locations with a population of over 65,000, without having to wait every 10 years for the next census. It was to provide it to the planners.

Like census data, American Community Survey figures help determine the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars in federal spending. However, census figures are also used to determine the number of parliamentary seats each state obtains in a process called allocation, and to create parliamentary and legislative districts.

Census allocations will be announced in April, and the numbers used to change constituencies will be released next month.

Due to concerns about its quality, the American Community Survey’s one-year quote will not be released in its usual format in the fall. Instead, an “experimental” version will be released that has limited table data only at the national and state levels, but will not even be placed on the Census Bureau’s regular public website to download the dataset. .. Census Bureau officials use experimental values ​​with caution for researchers and policy makers.

“These experimental estimates do not meet our data quality standards,” says Daily.

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Due to the virus, studies detailing American life will be reduced | Nationwide

Source link Due to the virus, studies detailing American life will be reduced | Nationwide

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