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Milan (AP) — Milan Fashion Week kicks off the third day of next spring and summer preview shows against the backdrop of thousands of young environmental opponents calling the industry in a wasteful and polluted way on Friday. ..

The question at Fashion Week is, 19 months later, whether the coronavirus pandemic has made a real difference to the cruise and couture-centric system, in addition to the ready-to-wear cycle four times a year. .. Yes, the show is socially distant and has fewer editors than ever before. But for companies competing to bring sales back to pre-pandemic levels, questions remain. Is a deeper change really underway?

Signs of a climate march through the center of Milan prompted “dressing up change”, the slogan for a polluted industry next to energy. Read another sign, “Everyone wants to get hot, but the earth is not one of them.”

Some highlights from the Friday show:

Prada deconstructs evening wear

Prada returned to the live runway for the first time since February 2020, just as Italy announced the creative partnership between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons and detected the first case of local infection with the new coronavirus.

When the old-fashioned ritual resumed, fans rushed to the sidewalk outside the Prada Foundation showroom and contemporary art exhibition space, welcoming VIPS and influencers.

Inside, there was plenty of room for the masked editor, who was scrutinized by the Health Pass, sitting at a social distance. Another show was performed in Shanghai at the same time, and an image of the darkened skyline was broadcast in the Milan showroom.

The designer shows that the third collection of the Prada Simmons era is a deconstruction of traditional evening wear (trains, corsets, evening dresses) as a study to reveal sensuality and the appearance of women. It is stated in the note.

Simmons lamented the “unreality” of evening dresses as “but beautiful.” It’s true that many gowns spent their pandemics hanging in the closet without notice.

“These clothes can be complicated: evening dresses, historic outfits. We want to make them look simple, easy and modern,” says Simons.

Couture silk miniskirts dragged long sashes and sometimes remained floating. More formally, the skirt had a full black tie tail. They were worn with a sweater, a distressed leather bomber jacket, and a sleeveless blouse with a black and white print laced for a punk feel.

The dress was fastened at the waist and left open behind to suggest the Prada V logo, and the skirt had a deep inverted V slit. The bare biceps leather strap gives it a nice look.

The knitwear is soft, with breastplate and corset details and is finished with the same leather biceps strap.The mini knit tunic was worn over matching shorts with a tight waist

Color palettes ranged from navy and black to cotton candy pink and canary yellow. The magenta accent is acid green, complementing the girly pink. The shoes were low, with cantilevered heels, giving the sensation of suspension.

For Prada, it is a mistake to discuss the show from the perspective of “returning to normal.”

“We learned that fashion involves a much wider world,” Prada said in a shownote. “How can I get back after that has all happened?”

Runway energized by Versace

Donatella Versace has put energy into Milan Fashion Week with a star-filled runway and front row, and a collection of fashion house codes: bright colors, safety pins, and especially silky foulards.

British singer and new fashion icon Dua Lipa has skin held along with colored safety pins when her song “Physical” blows up the venue and closes with a liquid Fuxia skirt and corset. We held a runway show in an exposed black suit.

Meanwhile, she and Naomi Campbell dressed up brightly with a smile in a hot pink suit and orange shirt. Silver dress.

The show begins with a black suit and dress with a small flash of pins and fouls peeking through hemlines and slits, and the colors grow even more boldly until they explode into a vibrant palette of pink, aquamarine, seafoam green, acid green and yellow. Did.

The women’s silhouette is confident, and the dresses and skirts that fit snugly have a variety of high slits in the skirt, pinned tights, and exposed corsets and bra tops to expose the skin. Provides a way. The footwear included bright satin wavy platform shoes.

Menswear was more relaxed, with floral suits, sporty varsity jackets with mesh tops, tight latex T-shirts and bright leather jackets paired with jeans.

Outside the Versace venue, many fans were waiting for a party like 2019 to get a glimpse of the arriving VIP.

Front row guests include Chiara Ferragni, who turned from a fashion influencer in Milan to an entrepreneur, her husband, singer Fedez, Addison Ray, who turned from an American influencer to an actress, and actress Bella Thorne and her Italian boyfriend. Included was the singer Benjamin Mascolo.

Sunnei brand designers Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina encouraged fashion crowds to wear sunglasses in a white tunnel and watch the strobe lights flash to see the collection.

The youthful collection was layered, wearing long skirts over trousers and peeking through grassy fringes from Bermuda shorts. The proportions were mostly loose and oversized, collecting coats on the waist to provide a definition. The bag was soft and large, or strictly box-shaped.

Sunglasses, the severity of the flashing tunnel, strapped to the back of the head.

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Dua Lipa walks on the Versace runway and Prada successfully resists | Lifestyle

Source link Dua Lipa walks on the Versace runway and Prada successfully resists | Lifestyle

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