“Don’t Look Up” Writer-Director Adam McKay Video Interview-New York Candidates-Deadline

with him Netflix satire Don’t look up, Writer-Director Adam McKay Addressing “the biggest problem in human history”, the climate crisis, where people tend to deny that it is happening or refuse to admit its “urgent and terrifying” weight I aimed to do it.

The subject at the heart of the film was incredibly serious, but he said it wanted to juxtapose the “absurd comedy” and “real horror” of false information.

“It’s like an old Marx Brothers movie or The Three Stooges, and the mice are obviously loose at the opera premiere, but they have to hide it,” McKay said on Saturday at the Deadline Contenders. Film: Speaking at an award season event in New York. “And the mice are swarming everywhere.”

“Don’t Look Up” Teaser: Jennifer Lawrence & Leonardo DiCaprio tries to save the world, but can’t get its attention

Don’t look up Follow two low-level astronomers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) embarking on a media tour to warn humanity that Earth-destroying asteroids are approaching. According to McKay, the contradiction of mankind is the fact that while looking at “this complete collapse of life on Earth”, it tends to focus on topics such as “the next thing about Taco Bell” instead. .. Food creation will be. “

McKay isn’t too optimistic about winning the science denial in this movie. Instead, he looks to people who “know about climate change and think it’s just one of many problems,” but it’s not.

He joined today’s panel with two of his longtime collaborators: the composer Nicholas Britell And editor Hank Corwin..

How “Don’t Look Up” Adam McKay Got Lilance to Sound Climate Change Alerts in Leo, JLaw, Streep, Chalamet, Comet Comedy Rushing to Earth

Britel talked about the challenge of making the movie’s original song “Just Look Up”, which had to be a “completely love song” between Ariana Grande’s Riley Bina and Kid Cadd’s DJ cello. But I’m going to die. “

Corwin said the process of cutting the film became like creating a “collage” and discussed the challenge of shooting a film that looks completely “global” in Boston and his struggles to tackle that tone. I did. “It felt almost like an opera. Adam told me it was a comedy, I didn’t believe it, and I struggled hard,” the editor said, “and I’m honest. Found the true truth of the movie [was that it was] Comedy until otherwise. “

McKay’s latest star-studded feature ensemble includes Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan, Cate Blanchett, Timothy Sharame, Chris Evans, Tyler Perry, Mark Rylance and Michael. Also includes Chiklis, Himesh Patel and Tomel Sisley. McKay and Kevin Methic were produced under the banner of Hyper Object Industries and produced by Jeff G. Waxman’s executives.

After some delays related to Covid, after Lawrence’s injury began, the photos will be set for a limited theater release on December 10th and will be streamed on Netflix from Christmas Eve.

Check back on Monday for the panel video.

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“Don’t Look Up” Writer-Director Adam McKay Video Interview-New York Candidates-Deadline

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