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Los Angeles (AP) The Los Angeles Dodgers asked the world when Julio Urias rode his fourth mound in 12 days.

Urías was the only winner of 20 baseball games this season, but Los Angeles used him in three roles last week alone. Urías and the Dodgers all argued that it wasn’t something he couldn’t handle, but left-handers were out of rhythm and moved away from the usual start-up preparations when playing against the Atlanta Braves in Game 4 of the NL Championship Series. Was there.

Urias said he was “well” after LA lost 9-2 on Wednesday night. “I have to acknowledge them for what they did today.”

By the time Urías left the Dodger Stadium bump with a five-run deficit, it seemed clear that Los Angeles had too many or not enough top pitchers in a turbulent rotation.

The Dodgers front office has ignored most traditional norms in its October attempt to get the most out of its pitching staff. But with his team on the verge of exclusion, it’s clear that these decisions didn’t work, as LA boss Andrew Friedman had hoped.

Urías and Max Scherzer struggled with NLCS when asked to start with just two days of rest after a relief pitch. Walker Buehler also did not meet his usual standards when taking extra rest.

And now, the Dodgers are the last to make these decisions correctly against the Braves, who have a 3-1 series lead over LA on October 2nd in a row and have three opportunities to defeat the defending World Series champions. I’m heading for a chance. After meeting the record for the best regular season in franchise history, the Dodgers are already facing their fourth defeat in these playoffs in Game 5.

Director Dave Roberts, the public face of the group strategy decision made by Friedman’s front office, argued that Urias’ heavy and unusual use was not the reason he struggled.

Roberts admitted that using the starter with confidence “has a potential cost.” “I don’t think anyone knows …. For me, it’s talking to players, pitchers and seeing things. I haven’t seen anything tonight in jeopardy.”

Urías still gave up three solo home runs in two early innings-all on a four-seam fastball in the late 90’s-before being tagged for another run for the fifth time. He made eight hits and only three hits because the speed of the fastball was slightly slower than normal.

“Honestly, I don’t think he was always tired,” Roberts said. “I think the stuff was good. I think they had a very good game plan for him. I think they took advantage of some mistakes and beat them out of the stadium.”

Whether it’s due to Dodgers’ extraordinary strategy, pitcher’s poor performance, or Braves’ excellence, one thing is clear: the three elite starters that remain in LA’s former deep rotation. Are not pitching to their usual standards.

Three days after closing the NL Division Series in San Francisco, Scherzer was stuck in five innings of Game 2 in Atlanta with the shortest playoff start since 2011. Two days later, Buehler followed with a 32/3 inning and a come-from-behind victory in Los Angeles in Game 3.

By the end of Game 3, the Dodgers had made 28 pitch changes in the last four games. Los Angeles had to make a big start with a short break from Urias in Game 4, as the planned bullpen game was approaching Game 5.

Instead, the Braves hit him hard and hit the Dodgers on the rope for the second year in a row.

The Dodgers Rotation is a patchwork group all year round and believes in 106 successful wins. Clayton Kershaw, Dustin May and Trevor Bauer were key elements of the early season rotation, but Los Angeles still headed for the postseason with NL’s finest start.

Urías hasn’t allowed three home runs since his 2016 Major League Baseball appearance, but Eddie Rosario, Adam Duvall and Freddie Freeman are all connected.

Urías’ success in post-season bailouts is already part of the Dodgers folklore. He made a save in last season’s LA Championship Clinch victory in a 21/3 scoreless inning against Tampa Bay in Game 6 of the World Series.

However, the Dodgers have further extended Urias in the last three appearances. He was a four-inning bulk relief in Game 5 of the NL Division Series because the Dodgers chose to put two openers in front of him. In the NLCS Game 2 innings, he abandoned the two-run rally on the day Atlanta was usually on the sideline.

The Dodgers’ controversial pitching strategy was less important if the Dodgers’ high-priced lineup could beat the Braves rescuers when Atlanta threw a bullpen match on Wednesday. Instead, LA couldn’t get a hit up to 5 innings and ended up with just 4 hits in Game 4.

And the Dodgers are still doubling: Tony Gonsolin appears in eight innings of Game 4 and limits the availability of regular starters on Thursday night when Los Angeles faces a defeat in the bullpen game-Gonsolin gives up Given that, it may be a good thing, but 4 runs for the 9th time.

“Obviously they are playing with confidence, but they have to play tomorrow and play the game,” Urías said. “Tomorrow we have another match. We have a great team here and we have a great opportunity to do something special.”

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Dodgers at stake after another pitching plan goes wrong | WGN Radio 720

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