Did the HBO Max model ruin the future of the “Dunes,” “The Matrix,” and “Sopranos” sequels? – deadline

Availability is very clear Warner Brothers..Upper theater slate HBO Max This year’s dates and dates influenced the studio’s US box office performance. This led to either the movie, which saw a big drop on weekend 2 at BO, or the case of NewLine, after a solid first weekend. Sopranos Part 1 function, Many saints of Newark, There’s nothing to brag about at the box office that earned $ 8.1 million in the first 10 days.

James Gunn Suicide squad, The DC franchise restart took place on the first weekend at a very low $ 26.2 million without a big event. This was a slight result, 80% below the August 2016 opening of $ 133.7 million, which was the record for the first movie in 2016.

So, did WarnerMedia’s daily HBO Max experiments completely overturn the possibility of a future franchise feature sequel, given the poor box office performance this year? (Photos are available on HBO Max for the first 31 days in the theater, then only in the cinema for the two months before entering the standard home window).

Warner Bros. Pictures’ domestic box office performance this weekend and legendary $ 165 million director Dennis Villeneuve’s science fiction production are in the spotlight. Dunes.. The director initially devised two photo series, the latest release of which is Part 1. What if the movie is well below the $ 30- $ 35 million forecast in the country?teeth Dunes Dust?

“Do you have a sequel? Dunes?? Watch the movie and you’ll see how it ends. Ansarnov, Chairman and CEO of WarnerMedia Studios and Networks, said yesterday at a roundtable discussion on the full support of Conglom. Dunes 2..

Regarding advancing the sequel to this year’s theater HBO Max slate, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Killard said the studio’s “decisions are informed and based not only on box office revenue, but also on audience reaction. “.

Warner Bros.

Sopranos Author David Chase He told Deadline that he was interested in another prequel film, such as: Many saints of Newark. WarnerMedia didn’t announce the results of watching a movie that made box office revenue at the $ 4.6 million opening (sometimes due to the late return of older people to the movie theater during the pandemic), but Samba. TV is the first weekend of the photo HBO Max recorded one million US smart TV terrestrials, one of the most watched weekends on the platform after the thriller of Denzel Washington. little things We won 1.4 million on the first weekend.

“We are excited about the following results: Many saints,Sarnoff told the deadline.

“Yes, the box office wasn’t that big, but we’re back to the demographics of those who go to the theater. Meanwhile, you see. Sopranos Dive into the top 10 most watched series on the service. It gave it a whole new life.We are talking to David about the new series Sopranos Related to HBO Max.It was (movie) literally lifted Sopranos As we are developing our franchise in a new way, we cannot measure itself by box office revenue. “

Warner Brothers

the 4th matrix, Granted Matrix Resurrections Originally devised to restart the series on a big screen. What happens if HBO Max gets in the way? Know that this movie is the last title of the WarnerMedia Theater Dates and Dates HBO Max2021 program.

“Whenever Lana (Wachowski) wants to make a movie, we’re all in attendance,” Sarnoff said.

So far, among all Warner Bros. HBO Max dates and date titles of the year, the legendary Godzilla vs Kong Posted Largest Domestic Opening ($ 31.6M), Largest Domestic ($ 100.6M) and Global Results ($ 468M).Anecdotally, the studio guarantees it’s the new Warner Brothers movie most watched on HBO Max, but Samba TV shows that it’s actually Newline’s. Mortal Kombat There are 5.5 million US households in the first 17 days of the photo.

Did the HBO Max model ruin the future of the “Dunes,” “The Matrix,” and “Sopranos” sequels? – deadline

Source link Did the HBO Max model ruin the future of the “Dunes,” “The Matrix,” and “Sopranos” sequels? – deadline

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