Did Microsoft just announce the termination of the computer?

Microsoft has just released Windows 365, saving everything from Windows 11 to 364 and moving it completely to the cloud. Now available for business, a closer look may reveal a future of more environmentally friendly and less impactful computing.As Technical Consultant Shelly Palmer Note, that’s a big deal.

“Depending on how the system is packaged, the price is $ 20 to $ 160 per month. It may sound expensive, but it doesn’t replace your computer, upgrade parts, or break down. You can provision your entire PC like this: at the push of a button. Yes, there are some drawbacks, but this is a big problem. Take a moment to figure out what this is and then where this goes. Think about it. ”

I’m doing exactly that. Windows 365 provides users with a powerful personal computer in the cloud, but the machines on their desks become dumb terminals, much like those common in the early offices of computing. The Chromebook works this way.According to Daniel Nations Sister site Lifewire:

“The appeal of Chromebooks lies in the operating system that powers them. Windows is designed for businesses more than low-end laptops and scales down poorly. Windows and desktop apps have more hard drive space and more. Requires RAM, and more processing time. In contrast, ChromeOS Chrome web browser Go back to the era of terminals and mainframes. Although these dumb terminals relied on mainframes, they had one advantage. These dumb terminals didn’t have to work well because the mainframe did a lot of hard work. ”

With Windows 365, you can run any software that runs on Windows. You can scale up RAM, processors, and memory as needed. It’s clear why companies like it. Control everything, even remote employees.

In the new hybrid work environment, workers will love this. You can work in the same Windows environment at home or in the office without having to carry your notebook with you, and work on the same machine. In fact, hybrid workers are a big part of this market.

From the press release:

“Hybrid work has fundamentally changed the role of technology in today’s organizations,” said Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365. Digital workspace. Today’s announcement of Windows 365 is just the beginning of what is possible by blurring the line between the device and the cloud. ”

In fact, it makes the device almost irrelevant.May have the smallest one Computer stick Alternatively, you can create a virtual computer by connecting your phone to your monitor and signing in. While talking to a colleague living in New York, I asked if she could run to the office in the fall. She said it was hard while moving the computer back and forth. With a cloud computer, she doesn’t have to carry too much.

That’s right 9to5mac hoodie oltrani I’m running it on his iPad and say it works perfectly.


But the main reason this caught our eye is what this could do to our carbon dioxide emissions. The Macbook Pro I’m writing this doesn’t require a lot of operating energy to run, but it does require a lot of energy and materials to build and emit so-called leading carbon emissions. Based on three years of use, carbon emissions throughout its life cycle are 408 pounds (185 kilograms) (probably long lasting, but Apple’s way of calculating operating energy). It costs 134 pounds (61 kilograms) a year. It doesn’t sound much –Use of EPA data Same as driving 148 miles, but summing up.While measuring my carbon footprint 1.5 degree lifestyle projectThe mountain footprint of Apple hardware was as large as the amount of hot water used.

Many employees have their own computer separate from their work computer, which doubles the footprint. You don’t need it anymore: you can be on anything even on your phone and sign in to work on a full-fledged computer of any power you need for your work.

After all, your most important possession is a really high quality foldable keyboard, or Text blade All screens can be your computer, so in your pocket.

Multiply these carbon savings by the number of people who carry their laptops and have multiple computers at home or at work to add up. Not only will all of these computers disappear, but they can change where they are used.

Your office is where you are

I’m trying to write a post from a Laugavegur Trail tent in Iceland in 2012.

Lloyd Alter

In 1985, Philip Stone and Robert Lucetti wrote:Your office is where you are“For Harvard Business Review. Their theory was that new wireless phones would make offices and fixed desks obsolete because people can continue to do business from anywhere. As an architect. It has had a huge impact on me and I’ve been trying to achieve this stagnation ever since, using my iPhone as a computer and writing, “Your office is in your pants.” From a sustainability standpoint, it makes sense. A lot of time, energy and money are spent building and commuting to the half-day sky office. Infrastructure that takes hours a day and, of course, a car to get there.

But my attempt to get rid of the computer didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

For some, Chromebooks and web apps are sufficient, and this may all look like old news. Alternatively, another case at Microsoft may simply seem to complicate things. I think it’s different in that you have a powerful, full-featured computer in the cloud and you don’t need fancy hardware.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I wrote:Two perspectives on the future of the office“I pointed out that traditional offices have been dead for years and pandemics will kill them altogether. After all, the main reasons offices existed are files, phone systems, typewriters. It was to house the writers, and the women who knew how to do it. It all disappeared to manipulate them. Tertiary industry revolutionAnd, in essence, computers have just turned into apps in the cloud.

If the pandemic didn’t kill the office as more than a meeting place for “accidental interactions,” Windows 365 might just be.

Did Microsoft just announce the termination of the computer?

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