Dell Popcorn Shop Launches Franchise in Midwest | Top Story

Decatur, Illinois (Wand)-If you’ve ever wanted to own a Dell popcorn shop, now’s your chance! The business is currently running a franchise business for everyone to open new locations throughout the Midwest.

Mountain owners Zion’s location Trudy and Mike Jacobs said this has proven to be a successful business model.

“I think it will be a successful business everywhere.”

The popcorn shop has existed since 1934 and is ready to expand after becoming a staple of the Central Illinois community.

With the help of the iFranchise Group, Del’s owners have a way to train potential owners.

“There is a training period you will experience. It’s a 21-day training period at the Springfield location of the College of Popcorn Knowledge we call it. So we train you during that period Del Learn everything you need to know to run a popcorn shop in Japan. “

Jacobs also said he would sell the location of Mount Zion to the younger generation.

“So we’re looking for a younger generation of moms and pop who want to step in. The good thing about that is that our business is already established. We train you here. So if you’re interested, you’ve stepped into a business that has proven to be successful. “

In addition to selling places and enjoying retirement, Jacobs has set a goal of franchising five new places next year.

“This franchise opportunity, like I said, is something we’ve been working on for years, so you can take this place a little backwards and get a little involved in the training there. Working at a candy store Nothing is more exciting and fun than that. “

Dell Popcorn Shop Launches Franchise in Midwest | Top Story

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