Deliberately left behind ahead of that era

Many people, including us, have noticed that some of Apple’s changes to Safari in iOS 15 are similar to the redesign that Google spent years testing Google Chrome.The UI was originally Chrome home, was Eventually abandoned After years of user testing, former Google employees and designers who were deeply involved in the change kicked off Chrome’s currently non-functional bottom navigation bar ascending and descending, a short but engaging time. I recently published a description.

Former Google employee Chris Lee was once a designer working on Chrome. Specifically, he appreciates changes such as tab groups and Chrome’s “home”. It House, Or other House — Called later duet When Duplex — No, no It Duplex.. Aside from the almost ongoing name confusion, Chrome Home and related changes were aimed at rethinking Chrome’s interface. It wasn’t necessarily a complete change in how it works, it was to better organize existing features and make them easier to use. The related UI experiments covered a vast (and sometimes seemingly misguided) range, but it essentially moved UI elements to the bottom of the screen to make them seemingly accessible. Meaning to.

Chrome Home demo Chris Lee..

Of course, the tension in this debate and the fact that Chrome doesn’t look like this on your current phone means that the test didn’t work correctly. But the history behind it is, as Lee illuminates, how (and should) even project creators can (and should) change their minds in the face of data. Provides insights about.

The original goal behind Chrome Home was to evaluate the original concept and tout it in 2016, according to Lee, creating a new gesture system for using Chrome and slowly slowing down the app’s growing feature set. It was to utilize it without hiding it. While the screen size of smartphones is mercilessly expanding, the 3-dot menu is expanded while improving usability. It was more difficult to reach the top of the screen due to the extra space. So why not move something down and move it to a place where it’s easy to hit?

This concept was popular internally, and Google prioritized it, taking the lead of the team to improve and test the design, trying to tweak it farther than just move the address bar. Many were found in tests. Year. In that sense, the company has decided that the only way to properly test it is in live beta. This may be remembered as a point of confusion by many who used Android between 2017 and 2020, as Chrome’s appearance and interface seemed to change quickly and randomly.

A gallery of various Chrome UI changes related to Home, Duplex, Duet — there were many of them.

From the simple one, several different changes have been tested Move the existing address bar to the bottom of the screen Later we will split the individual functions into Duet’s “split” bars — the latter Change Numbers of button To split the function from the top bar and 3-dot menu, clickConditional tab strip.. “

Lee claims that there was a “cult follower” in the address bar at the bottom of Chrome Home. The first reaction among our own readers was negative, but by the time the company tested returning the address to the top of the screen, many appreciated this feature and were angry with its loss. Was set up. However, this change turned out to be less popular with the more general audience with “various technical literacy.”Eventually, Lee switched from the original creator of Chrome Home, and the former team became a supporter. Against It. And, as you can see from this vantage point, Chrome Home didn’t work in the end. Safari on iOS 15 gets clear design clues from Google, When Even Samsung has begun to duplicate some of Google’s abandoned changes..

We’ve all seen Google’s large, sometimes frustrating public beta, and its appearance in trying to kill ideas, features, and products, even when it’s widely used, but that decision. The internal tricks behind the process are rarely transparent. A monument to Lee’s Google Home Can get a unique glimpse of this theme and wondered if the changes tested by Google Home / Duet / Duplex could someday return to Chrome when Apple began to find places where Google seemed to have stopped. I am thinking.

Deliberately left behind ahead of that era

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