Delhi HC asks authorities

New Delhi [India], August 26 (ANI): Thursday High Court of Delhi calls on authorities to recognize Johnson & Johnson Private Limited’s ORSL, ORSL Plus, ORSL Rehydrate, Amrutanjan Health Requested that the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) be treated as a representative. Care Ltd’s Fruitnik ElectroORS cannot be given to children as an “ORS” (oral rehydration solution) option.

With this instruction, the department benches of Judge DN Patel and Judge Jyoti Singh revoked the plea.

The petitioner should take appropriate steps to inform the general public of nature to all respondents, including the Government of Delhi, the Food Safety Standards Authority of India, the Delhi Child Rights Protection Commission (DCPCR) and the Indian Advertising Standards Council. I asked the court to give instructions. The health risks that the products “ORSL”, “ORSL Plus”, “ORSL Rehydrate”, and “Fruitnik Electro ORS” are or may present, and are taken to prevent, mitigate, or eliminate them. Measures that have been taken or are about to be taken Danger.

The petitioner sought appropriate instructions from relevant authorities to remind school authorities that the product would not be administered to children as an ORS option.

The petition was submitted by Rupasin, an assistant professor at the University of Javaharlar Lunerou, through her advocate, Grinder Parsin.

According to the petition, ORSL is a Johnson & Johnson brand, which sells three types of beverages under this brand: ORSL, ORSL Plus, and ORSL Rehydrate, a “beverage” sold under the name ORSL. Are all new ORS formulations prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“The most important issue is that if the drink is a purely fruit juice-based drink or a non-carbonated water-based drink, why is it intentionally and intentionally manufactured, distributed, sold, or sold under the name ORSL? That’s right. It must confuse the average customer as a prescribed ORS. “

The petitioner also said that Fruitnik ElectroORS is Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd, which manufactures, packs and sells beverages under the aforementioned names. Said that it is a brand owned by. That position is no different from the ORSL position above. “

The petition also directs the product not to be promoted, sold, or sold in terms of Rule 5 (1) of the Food Safety Standards (Safe Food and Balanced Diet for School Children) Regulations. I’m asking for instructions. Includes free distribution to school children on campus, or within 50 meters of the school gate.

Requested changes or corrections to the “ORSL”, “ORSL Plus”, “ORSL Rehydrate” and “Fruitnik ElectroORS” package labels to eliminate product doubts and concerns for public health and safety and to add disclaimers. rice field. Clarify that it is not a prescription recommended by ORS or WHO.

It is also intended by making private sector respondents fraudulently believe their products are “ORS” and “causing them to cause health and financial losses to the public and bring their own illegal benefits.” He tried to start prosecution for deceiving the general public intentionally and intentionally. (ANI)

Delhi HC asks authorities

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