David Fletcher extends hit streak to 26 games with Angels victory

Anaheim- David Fletcher He is the hottest batter in baseball and has been around for over a month. He extended the hit streak to 26 games (3 doubles and 5 RBIs) against the Mariners at Angel Stadium on Saturday.

Fletcher hit a lead-off double with an all-star left-handed Yusei Fudo opening cutter in one go and didn’t waste time extending the hit streak.It set the tone of the attack 9-4 wins, Trolled Kikuchi seven runs to boost a powerful show from right-handed Alex Cobb.Fletcher has since become the first Angels player to have three doubles in the game Mike Trout’s impressive 5 to 5 performance At Yankee Stadium on May 26, 2018.

“It’s a lot of fun to watch,” said Angels manager Joe Maddon. “I’ve seen hot lines, but not here in such a major league. This has been going on for some time. It started in 9 holes and he continued it in 1 hole. And he’s hitting the ball hard. He’s just a confident young man. I love him. And it’s all about how well he plays this game. Affects. “

Maddon had to go back to Joe Namath, a Jets quarterback famous for winning the Super Bowl III, to find a comparison of Fletcher’s confidence levels.

“I think we have Joe Namath and David Fletcher,” Maddon said. “Two tremendous folklore-like heroes. He has that. There’s nothing in the stadium that he doesn’t think he can do. David Fletcher’s folklore has begun. I can only compare with Joe Cool. “

Fletcher’s consecutive hits date back to June 13, but he’s definitely been on fire in the last eight games. Batting average .595 (22-for-37). He recorded seven multi-hit games during that period, and has recorded 22 hits in eight games since Tim Salmon recorded 21 in eight contests in 1994. Garret Anderson (28 games) 1998 also hit Fletcher in a row.

Fletcher hit only .255 in the first 60 games, but hit .454 (49-108) in 26 consecutive wins, averaging .318 in 86 games this season. His average .454 in this hot stretch is a fairly high difference in the majors, as Freddie Freeman (.385) in Atlanta is the next best thing. Coincidentally, Freeman was the last major player to have a hit streak longer than Fletcher’s current mark. Because he had a streak of 30 games in 2016.

“He’s almost obsessed with all-star games,” Cobb said. [Ohtani]But the man is also sneaking up on the argument. No one has played as confidently as he did. “

Fletcher didn’t score in the first double, but helped the Angels take an early lead by three-run double-off Kikuchi in the second two outs. Fletcher connected with a 0-1 slider at the top of the zone and drilled a hole in the left wing gap to unload the base.

His third double was Rafael Montero’s eighth off-relief. He put out the second and third runners and strapped two runs of two baggers from the left wing wall. It rode 0-1 sinkers on the inside and outside of the plate.

“The ball he’s almost beaten up, there’s no fluke,” Maddon said. “The ball is off a lot. He’s in line. Currently there are few flyball outs. It’s a line drive or hard ground ball like the first play of the game.”

But Fletcher wasn’t the only Angels player to perform big on Saturday. Taylor Ward was 3-4 with singles, doubles, homers and 3 RBIs, and Jack Mayfield was 2-3 with a home run. , Double, walk, 3 runs were recorded. It all endorsed Cobb. Cobb allowed 5 hits and 4 walks in 6 2/3 innings and lowered the ERA to 3.96 with 14 starts.

“Cobb was great. I think he was leading this pitching staff,” Maddon said. “And there were good at-bats above and below the lineup. Mayfield had a big homer and I loved the double on the right field line. Taylor could have been the game changer tonight. That part carried us. “

David Fletcher extends hit streak to 26 games with Angels victory

Source link David Fletcher extends hit streak to 26 games with Angels victory

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