Danish drama series “Kamikaze” launches plans to launch international original dates and dates for HBO Max in the US and around the world

WarnerMedia Deployed HBO Max Over the past few months, we have increased the number of international originals we order around the world.

The company has announced that it is currently announcing the first international original dates and dates in the United States and the world, and has more plans in place.

Danish drama series Kamikaze It’s the first show commissioned by Europe and will succumb to service everywhere HBO Max is available at the same time.

It brings streamers to match rivals such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple in that they launch shows in all markets at the same time, creating a global buzz on social media for the series and a successful local breakout. Gives you the opportunity to recreate-a language hit like Netflix Squid game.

Kamikaze, Based on the novel Muleum Erlend Roe follows the fierce and fascinating 18-year-old Julie, played by Marie Luther on a rediscovery journey after losing her parents and siblings in a plane crash.

Suddenly she finds herself alone in a large mansion with an expensive car in her garage. In theory, everything most people dream of: youth, beauty, money – a lot of money – but material possessions are no longer worth her. She is forced to look for a reason to continue. She embarks on a turbulent journey that takes her from her native Denmark to every corner of the world.

The eight-part series, premiered in 46 countries on November 14, was written by Joanne Algren and produced by Profile Pictures Ditte Millstead.

WarnerMedia executives told Deadline that this would be the first of many simultaneous shows around the world.

Christina Sulebakk, General Manager of HBO Max EMEA, said: Kamikaze It was “one of the shows that resonates with viewers wherever they are.” “As HBO Max globalizes, we’re excited to give subscribers around the world access to this stunning storytelling and showcase Reed’s Marie Luther’s extraordinary performance,” she said.

Since its launch in Latin America in June, the company has increased its international originals before being rolled out in Scandinavia later this month. The platform will not be available in the UK, Germany and Italy until at least 2025 as a result of Comcast’s partnership with Sky, but will be available in most of Europe in 2022.

Earlier this week, Streamer announced a German drama series Para-We are Kings from dark When 4 blocks Producer W & B TV.

The series follows four young women who are lifelong friends who grew up on the rough streets of a wedding hall in Berlin. They are about to enter adulthood, where the future is uncertain, but there is one thing for sure. That is, they have big dreams. Accidental discoveries give them quick money and hope for a better life, but their friendships are tested.

In addition, the six-part Eastern European comedy The Winner, directed by Jan Hřebeik, the winner of the Berlin International Film Festival, was illuminated with green light. Viktor Hudák, the fictional Prime Minister of a small European country, has returned to his daily life after completing his political career.

These shows participate in something like a Spanish drama series Patria, A historical drama of two women whose lives change when one of their husbands is killed by a Basque terrorist, and 30 coins, A mysterious demon-paying horror thriller, which is already in service in the US and Veneno, Perfect Life (Vida Perfecta) When Paradise (Paraiso).

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar told Deadline that 150 projects are under development in Latin America alone and are in various stages of production.

“There’s a lot of valuable content around the world, but when you go to these areas, there’s no doubt that the big factors for success are locally purchased, filmed, and storytelling. No, “added Andy Forssell of HBO Max GM. “The good news for us is in most of the markets we enter around the world, with the larger Warner Bros. producing and they have a talented relationship.”

Danish drama series “Kamikaze” launches plans to launch international original dates and dates for HBO Max in the US and around the world

Source link Danish drama series “Kamikaze” launches plans to launch international original dates and dates for HBO Max in the US and around the world

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