Dairy Tech Startup Nutri Moo launches daily necessities

Gurgaron (Haryana) [India], August 3 (ANI / Hunk Golden and Media): Nutri Moo, a Gurgaon-based dairy-wide food technology startup by Credence Whole Foods Pvt. Ltd. expands its current offering of milk, paneer, curd and ghee, offering daily necessities such as fresh vegetables, fruits, bread and eggs with same-day delivery.

With this, NutriMoo plans to target from the current 1500 MAU to 30,000 monthly active users (MAU). The company has launched the Subha Laxmi program to provide women with entrepreneurial opportunities.

SubhaLaxmi is led by women who want to mark themselves in society. This is an initiative by NutriMoo aimed at empowering women and giving back to society. Nutri Moo, a socially responsible organization, aims to provide the community with fresh and pure dairy products, groceries and unmatched services.

SubhaLaxmi is the result of many years of hard work to make a meaningful and direct contribution to people’s health and wellness. The program is properly led by Subha Laxmis, a superwoman who believes in the power of food “directly in the kitchen” and “uncompromising”.

In her journey, as an avid supporter of the “fresh and pure” revolution, the app-based dairy brand Nutri Moo has been on a mission to bring great health joy to the families around her. It is possible.

This exciting initiative was introduced by founders Abhishek Rao and Mayank Arora. The SubhaLaxmi program is under the talented guidance of early-stage investor Somya Satsangi and warehousing solutions and cold chain logistics expert Youdhbir Singh.

Abhishek Rao, Co-Founder Director of Credence Foods Private Limited, said: By adding products to baskets containing fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs, consumers can comfortably enjoy high-quality products delivered on the same day at home.

Together, a revolution has been brought about, and story changes centered around health and wellness have been brought to the kitchen. Nutri Moo and Subha Laxmis will jointly lead this food revolution as true partners from day one. SubhaLaxmi is a women’s power opportunity to generate a stable and long-term income for women and their families. We are confident that the SubhaLaxmi program we started will help SubhaLaxmis financially support families and develop their management skills. We serve people and look forward to delivering one million orders per month by March 31, 2022. We value this partnership and pay tribute to the true transformants of our society. “We all know that digital is the future, so we believe this is what we all are looking for in our busy lives. NutriMoo orders daily consumables online. We not only provide luxury, but also guarantee the highest quality products. We are confident that this is what today’s generation is looking for. Products are the needs of every household and we have great growth potential. With this association, SubhaLaxmis will be able to run the company from the comfort of their home, do their best and maximize their true potential. NutriMoo With NutriMoo’s best-in-class process, farm-to-kitchen quality and quality-free products, SubhaLaxmis can not only guide women, but also train and support them. Respected businessmen in their area.

Investor Somya Satsangi said: As part of its collaborative program, NutriMoo hosted a major event to recognize and celebrate the contributions of more than 200 SubhaLaxmis. It was attended by key key figures, including the founders, investors, and the family of Subha Laxmis.

The company used the latest technology to back up the entire setup, including the supply chain. With a passion for social welfare, NutriMoo curates innovative “health and wellness” products, works with diverse communities and creates a sustainable future. They have the vision of encouraging a healthy lifestyle and promoting the regular consumption of nutritious, high-quality products that comply with food standards such as FSSAI.

NutriMoo has an in-house processing facility equipped to meet global standards for pasteurization, sterilization and homogenization. Their primary mission is to provide healthy milk to ensure that the safest and purest products reach their customers. They deliver about 20,000-25,000 orders each month.

They are currently adding product lines such as vegetables and fruits and offer same-day delivery services. NutriMoo is currently running in Gurgaon and will be phased in with Delhi UP.

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Dairy Tech Startup Nutri Moo launches daily necessities

Source link Dairy Tech Startup Nutri Moo launches daily necessities

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