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of Cyrano, directed by Joe Wright Finding his first opportunity to oversee the musical, it brought both intimacy and scope to the adaptation of Erica Schmidt’s 2018 stage musical of the same name, which itself was based on the classic 1897 play. Cyrano de Bergerac By Edmond Rostand.

While Wright fell in love with the story Cyrano When I was a teenager, with Peter Dinklage Haley Bennett Performed in Connecticut staging in Schmidt’s play. “There was something very immediate and real about the intimacy of the relationship that we thought could be translated cinematically,” he said on Saturday in a panel with the film Star Bennett. Kelvin Harrison Jr. In a Contenders movie: New York.

Musical romantic drama from MGM When United Artists Release We are mainly active in Cyrano de Bergerac (Dinklage). Cyrano de Bergerac (Dinklage) falls in love with a woman named Roxanne (Bennet), but she is too self-conscious to chase her. After discovering that she had feelings for Christian (Harrison), Cyrano decided to help him by writing a love letter for him to send to Roxanne.

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Wright said he developed Cyrano For movies in a couple of years, watch the project bear fruit in the process of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Four or five months after I was hungry for people-to-people connections, I finally got the script at a satisfactory point. This is the importance of people-to-people connections and often the connection. It was a movie about failing, “said the director. .. “I personally felt it was important to make this movie now, but it was also important to reunite with the crew who couldn’t put food on the table. [to allow] Audiences reconnect with each other. “

He added that the process of making a film “has become a considerable mission of love and human connection,” and why he was attracted to filming in the Sicilian town of Note (“Cannoli”). He also touched on the filming experience of the war scene on Mount Etna, an active volcano that he called “one of the stupidest decisions in my career.” After installing the camera and installing it in 16,000 feet of “very thin” air, snow directed the crew downhill and completed the scene with “camera and tripod only.” Eventually, the volcano also “erupted” and Wright remembers that day and “the day we almost all died.”

Bennett touched on the process of readjusting the performance of the screen and the fact that all the songs in the movie were recorded live as a set. “What comforted me was that we weren’t singers and weren’t trying to sing perfectly. This isn’t a Broadway-style musical … we embrace flaws and humanity in voice. “She said. “I liked the music and conversation being so fluid and so natural that I didn’t have to sound like Adele.

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Harrison talks about being excited to share a screen with Bennett and Dinklage in Wright’s studio film, and his interest in playing a “honest” and “sweet” boy who was “happy to be there.” Did. After working on a number of “sad boy movies”. He also touched on the joy of bringing movie songs to life and his efforts to find “new ways” to approach the Christian character.

Written by Schmidt, the film features original scores and songs by Aaron and Bryce Dessner, as well as lyrics by Matt Berninger and Carin Besser. Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Guy Heeley are executive producers of Schmidt, Berninger, Besser, Aaron Dessner, Sarah Jane Robinson, Sheila’s Shah and Lucas Webb. It will premiere at Telluride, will be screened at theaters in Los Angeles on December 17, and will be expanded to theaters nationwide on January 21.

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“Cyrano” director Joe Wright talks about making an MGM musical – New York Candidates – Deadline

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