Custom Event Tents — Tailored to Your Brand — In as Little as 3 Days

Tents are widely used in construction, outbound trade when organizing family holidays and corporate events. They can be used at any time of the year, but they gain great popularity in the summer season when shelter from the sun, rain, and hail is needed. American Tent offers different types of tents: frame tents, pole tents, clear top tents, or pop-up tents involving the area from the smallest to the largest of the tents. If you need to prepare for an outdoor event, organize a space for a store, a sports event, outdoor shopping, recreation in the country or any other purposes, you can always contact specialists who will make your tent to order in just three days!

Preparation for the creation of your versatile but elegant tent begins with the creation of a project taking into account all the necessary details and wishes expressed by the specifics of the event and the area where your future tent is planned to be installed. If you order this object for an advertising campaign or promo campaign, the branding is performed. This is your distinctive characteristic, thanks to which your tent will be recognizable from afar.

The features of the unique, but fast production consist in two rather important stages. The first thing the buyer should pay attention to is the size he wants, what necessary characteristics his tent should have, and the size of the area where you want to install it. Having a modern production base with the latest equipment helps to produce any tent, whether it is a 20×20 frame tent or 20×40 in size with the high build quality. Tailoring is performed by highly qualified experienced craftsmen and, depending on the selected characteristics of materials, such as water resistance, fire resistance, frost resistance, the product differs from others in consistently high quality, strength, and durability. When the production process is completed, the finished product undergoes quality control.

The production of tents for events is often ordered in connection with a large number of holidays and forums, as they fit very well into the natural landscape, or, if desired, contrasting with it, and their collection and disassembly is convenient for transportation.

The next step, after making the base, is the external component of your event tent. If you want to create your own individual tent, you can no longer worry about the availability of colors and fabrics. If you have a birthday party with an emphasis on green or a business event with your company’s logo American Tent can offer you to make a custom tent for events with any color and fabric that you want. From all possible colors, fabrics, whether they are vinyl-coated or laminated with vinyl, with the addition of graphics and stickers using stripes, a professional will work with you for any of your desires, who will suggest how your final version will look better. In addition to this, you can also purchase specially designed sidewalls for your tent, corresponding to a certain style, since the design company will be able to realize any of your bold desires in a finished product.

The idea of purchasing various event tents is now very popular, as are events in such spaces, so the purchase is economically justified and quickly recouped, and during the manufacture of the tents, you can always control the process from start to finish, make sure of the technical level of the decisions made, and the price can be adjusted by making or removing adjustments. For example, you want to order a tent of 20×30 in size, black with a branded logo, additional walls, fireproof and waterproof fabric, to promote your campaign, and in order to get what you want, you will only need to call our company, who will advise you, pick up the same option for you and provide you with a ready-made option in three days!


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