Cube Dev Raises $ 15.5 Million to Commercialize Cube.js Open Source Data API Platform

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Cube development, Companies and core developers behind the open source “Analysis API Platform” Cube.jsAnnounced today that it has raised $ 15.5 million in Series A funding to bring its first commercial product to market.

By pooling data from CRM, marketing, and customer support platforms, “big data” can provide businesses with a treasure trove of valuable insights by unleashing consumer buying trends not possible with individual data silos. .. To achieve this, you may need to “extract, load, convert” (ELT) Approach, mesh data capture, Integrated tool Use cloud-based data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery to shape your data into a standard format for easy analysis. But will companies actually leverage this data to create internal business intelligence dashboards or add analytics to their existing customer applications? This is where Cube.js comes in handy.

Let’s look at an example of a consumer finance app that allows users to delve into spending and transaction history through charts and graphs. In the proprietary world, app developers may choose to license the chart interface from business intelligence (BI) vendors such as Looker and Tableau. However, with a per-user pricing model, things can start to get quite expensive on a large scale, but limited customization options make design and layout inconsistent and “fit for the brand.” It will be a thing.

“For this reason, when a company builds a data analytics app, it typically takes all the complex steps needed to access, transform, and deliver data from the cloud data warehouse to the front end,” Cube Dev said. The founder and CEO said. Artyom Keydunov I told Venture Beat.

“Headless abstraction layer”

Simply put, Cube.js provides developers with a back-end infrastructure that connects aggregated and transformed data to end-user visualizations. It is designed to circumvent many technical barriers such as SQL generation, caching, API design, query orchestration and acceleration, security, etc., and is a “headless abstraction” between the data warehouse and the application. It is positioned as an “abstraction layer”.

“Cube.js replaces some manual steps that developers have to perform, regardless of the vendor in the stack,” says Keydunov. “We often refer to cubes as the” API layer “between the warehouse and the application. “

Cube.js comes with app templates for building dashboard applications on top of your data warehouse using a variety of open source libraries and tools.

Above: Cube.js app template

And there is Cube.js Developer playgroundA web-based tool for generating and displaying data schemas, building and executing queries against data warehouses, and plotting results.

Above: Cube.js: Create a query and plot the results in the developer’s playground.

In short, Cube.js allows businesses to “transform big data into data-driven applications” by removing a lot of spadework from the data engineering process while giving developers more design and development flexibility. We support.

“Companies can already use the open source Cube.js library to save months of time compared to building their own semantic and cache layers on top of big data, so clouds such as BigQuery and Snowflake. We’re building an application on top of data from a data warehouse. The store, ”explained Keydunov.

To further develop and commercialize the Cube.js open source project, CubeDev will use its new capital SaaS version housed in the cloud Use Cube.js in combination with “some customers”. It acts as a “fully managed API layer” for building data apps in any cloud. Keydunov said he plans to launch Cube Cloud in late 2021 but wasn’t free to share many additional details about the product.

Above: Cube Cloud

The story so far

The origin of Cube.js can be traced back to 2016 by Keydunov and co-founders. Pavel Tiunoff Worked on a previous business intelligence startup Statsbot.. In the meantime, the duo confirmed the demand for developer Cube.js enough to release under an open source license in 2019, and since then has attracted users from major companies such as IBM, PayPal, Intuit and F5. I have won. Based on this traction, Keydunov and Tiunov chose to shift their full focus to CubeDev last summer.

The Cube Dev series round was led by Decibel and was attended by Bain Capital Ventures, Betaworks and Eniac Ventures.The company had previously procured $ 6.2 million in seed round Financing last September.

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Cube Dev Raises $ 15.5 Million to Commercialize Cube.js Open Source Data API Platform

Source link Cube Dev Raises $ 15.5 Million to Commercialize Cube.js Open Source Data API Platform

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