CTA train stops at Edgewater

The CTA’s Red and Purple Line service resumed Friday night after someone was killed by a train in the Edgewater area, officials said.

The incident occurred near the Brynmar station around 4:30 p.m., according to Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Merritt and the CTA.

Several trains in the area were evacuated and train conductors were taken to a hospital and screened for stress-related injuries.

According to CTA Alert, as of 7:10pm, Purple Line service was mostly back to normal, while Red Line service resumed with some delays remaining.

Previously, Purple Line Express trains to the Loop were still suspended, and Red Line trains were operating on two legs, according to CTA alerts.

Previously, a bus shuttle was available between Thorndale and Belmont to provide connectivity services, the warning said, requiring riders to “consider other service alternatives” to reach their destinations. He added that there is

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