Cryptocurrency expert gets 5 years in N Korea sanctions case | WGN Radio 720

New York (AP) — Cryptocurrency experts were sentenced to more than five years in federal prison on Tuesday for helping North Korea evade US sanctions.

Virgil Griffith, 39, admitted he had presented at a cryptocurrency conference in Pyongyang in 2019, even after the U.S. government refused to request a trip to North Korea last year, and was guilty of the plot. Admitted.

The prosecutor wrote in a court document that the famous hacker Griffith also developed “cryptocurrency infrastructure and equipment in North Korea.” At the 2019 conference, he will give more than 100 people (including a few who appear to work for the North Korean government) cryptocurrencies to avoid sanctions and achieve independence from the global banking system. Advised on how to use.

The United States and the United Nations Security Council have imposed increasingly stringent sanctions on North Korea in recent years in an attempt to curb nuclear and ballistic missile programs. The US government revised sanctions on North Korea in 2018, banning “Americans everywhere” from exporting technology to North Korea.

Prosecutors said Griffith acknowledged that his presentation was equivalent to the transfer of technical knowledge to conference attendees.

“Griffith is an American citizen who has chosen to circumvent his country’s sanctions in order to serve hostile foreign forces,” the prosecutor wrote. “He did so knowing that North Korea was guilty of atrocities against its own people and threatened the United States because of its nuclear capabilities.”

Defendant lawyer Brian Klein described Griffith as “a talented scientist trained at the California Institute of Technology who fostered curiosity adjacent to his obsession with North Korea.” “He is arrogant and naive, but he considers himself acting for peace,” Klein said. “He loves his country and never harms him.”

Disappointed with the 63-month imprisonment, Klein said, “The judge acknowledged his commitment to productively advance Virgil’s life and was pleased to be a talented person with many contributions. I added.

A self-proclaimed “disruptive engineer,” Griffith became like a terrifying tech unfan in the early 2000s. In 2007, he created WikiScanner. This is a tool aimed at unmasking people who anonymously edited entries on Wikipedia, a crowdsourced online encyclopedia.

WikiScanner can basically identify the company, agency, or government agency that owns the computer on which it was edited. We quickly identified companies that interfered with competitors’ entries, government agencies that rewrote their history, and so on.

“I’m very happy to see the mainstream media enjoying public relations disaster fireworks as much as I do,” Griffith told The Associated Press in 2007.

Klein previously said Griffith worked with the FBI to “help law enforcement education” about the so-called dark web, a network of encrypted Internet sites that allow users to remain anonymous. rice field.

Cryptocurrency expert gets 5 years in N Korea sanctions case | WGN Radio 720

Source link Cryptocurrency expert gets 5 years in N Korea sanctions case | WGN Radio 720

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