Crowd protests sanctions and pressure after Mali’s vote is delayed | WGN Radio 720

Bamako, Mali (AP) — Tens of thousands of people attend government-sponsored rallies in the capital of Mali after four years delaying the promised elections by Mali’s military rulers, from new regional economic sanctions and former colonists France Protested the growing pressure on Mali.

Friday’s demonstration in Bamako’s Independence Square attracted the Prime Minister of Mali and other ministers of the interim government. The interim government is headed by Colonel Asimi Goita, who took office as president following last year’s second military coup.

“These sanctions have three purposes: destabilizing the system, destabilizing the Malian Armed Forces, and destabilizing Mali,” Prime Minister Shogel Maiga told the crowd. ..

Demonstrators shouted, “Imperialism overthrows imperialism, ECOWAS overthrows imperialism, France overthrows imperialism.”

The ECOWAS regional block of 15 West African countries imposed strict economic sanctions on Mali last Sunday, saying the interim government could not move forward to hold a presidential election by the end of February.

Previous sanctions targeted members of the ruling party and their families, but new measures effectively freeze the assets of commercial banks in the Republic of Mali. Most ECOWAS members have also stopped all air traffic to and from Bamako, but Mali has found an ally in neighboring Guinea. This is also led by the leader of a military coup.

Air France has also stopped traffic to Bamako, and over the past nine years, opposition to France’s military role in Mali has accused former regional colonial rulers of coordinating some of the harsh ECOWAS responses. .. France has maintained strong economic and military ties with many of Mali’s neighbors for more than 60 years after the end of colonial rule in West Africa.

“These sanctions do not affect Mali. France is betraying us and we are calling on the authorities to break diplomatic relations with France,” said a Mali politician in support of the Goita administration. , Said Jamille Bittar.

Goita reassured Marian on state television that the country would not suffer supply chain pain due to border closures. ECOWAS restrictions do not apply to critical consumer goods such as fuels, medicines and consumables for COVID-19 compliance.

Goita argues that it is impossible to organize elections as originally promised because of growing anxiety. Islamic extremists have expanded their reach to the heart of Mali over the past decade, frequently targeting Mali soldiers and UN peacekeepers.

After nine years of strengthening former colonial security, France has begun to reduce the presence of troops in Mali, and critics fear that their departure will only contribute to the turmoil.

Crowd protests sanctions and pressure after Mali’s vote is delayed | WGN Radio 720

Source link Crowd protests sanctions and pressure after Mali’s vote is delayed | WGN Radio 720

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