Country festival ends with 48 people charged after drugs and violence

The Kentucky country-themed festival, called “Redneck Rave,” ended with 48 indictments after numerous incidents related to drugs, violence, and bizarre accidents.The· Lexington Herald-Leader As a result of the five-day festival, assaults, amputations, skewers, and throat cuts have been reported, and many participants have been drunk and ill.

by Herald-Leader, A country rapper named Justin Time hosted the event and was touted as “America’s Wildest and Crazy Country Party.” Featuring live music, dismantling derby, goldfish races, football games and more, the festival took place in the unincorporated town of Ollie’s Blue Horror Offroad Park. The event attracted tens of thousands of people to small towns, doubled the population, and caused logistics problems for local law enforcement agencies that lacked the resources to police a crowd of that size.

Sheriff Shane Doyle says he knew the event would strain his resources as a similar rally had previously “overwhelmed” his staff. He planned a month ago to meet with emergency management, firefighters, law enforcement partners, and emergency medical services to handle large-scale events. Sheriff Doyle also put his agent in forced overtime and helped draft a volunteer agent, but says he knew from the beginning that it was a difficult battle. The sheriff’s office has set up a traffic checkpoint outside the festival to prevent the invasion of illegal things, knowing that there are not enough resources to stop all illegal activities.

“The first vehicle we passed through found stimulants, marijuana, and an open alcohol container,” Doyle said. “And one of the residents had two valid warrants … we were like,’Well, this isn’t a precursor to the weekend.'” “

They arrested 14 people in five days and issued citations to others charged with misdemeanor. Indictments ranged from possession of drugs and alcohol to assault and strangulation against people in states such as Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee. Thirty of these accusations were related to drugs and alcohol, and some were charged with as many as six felony charges on suspicion of participating in various activities.

After a drunken debate, one man was cut off by a friend, and another allegedly strangled a woman almost unconscious after discussing a blanket.

Accidents also caused many problems. A man was seriously injured when he was stabbed by a log that protruded when he crossed the floorboards of a side-by-side vehicle, so medical personnel in the field decided to leave the log as it was. You may be sent to the hospital. Another man lost some of his fingers when the jacked-up vehicle slipped off the jack and landed on his hand. Law enforcement agencies accompanied emergency medical services every time they had to attend a festival to treat someone, Sheriff Doyle said, adding that he was unaware of the deaths associated with the 2021 event.

Doyle says he’s not interested in seeing someone’s business shut down, but the festival was imposed on locals and the tax was 44 hours of overtime to enforce law. Was used for.

“People living here don’t want this business here. What we want is a responsible business that adds value to our community. That business (Blue Holler Offroad Park) That’s what it does .. Until now, it hasn’t always added value to the community. Sometimes it puts stress on the community. “

Event organizer Justin Stowers called Redneck Rave “the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.” Facebook post After the event, in order to improve another similar event scheduled for October, he downplayed negative media coverage, admitting that “we can definitely improve a lot.”

“This is the biggest event we’ve ever done, and unexpectedly many people and random things have appeared, so we all feel like we’ve handled it very well.” He writes. Next time is a complaint box by Porta Johns. “

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Country festival ends with 48 people charged after drugs and violence

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