Couchbase IPO Brings NoSQL Database to Stock Market

Couchbase has raised $ 200 million in its initial public offering on the Nasdaq Exchange on July 22, reflecting its growing popularity among database technology companies as an open source service.

Vendors based in Santa Clara, California NoSQL A database available in both on-premises and cloud versions.

Couchbase has previously raised a total of $ 251 million. The latest $ 105 million round Closed in May 2020.

An important part of Couchbase’s growth in recent years is the rise of cloud databases as a service.Vendor launched Couchbase cloud February 2020. With an IPO, Couchbase has joined a range of other data vendors that have recently entered the open market. Including Confluent released on June 24th..

In that form S-1 filing Couchbase, along with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, has about 80% of its customers as of January 2021. Recording system Databases of some or all of their business. Couchbase reported revenues of $ 103.3 million in fiscal year 2021 and a 25% year-on-year profit.

According to S & P Global Market Intelligence’s 451 Research, the NoSQL segment of the database market will grow to generate total revenue of $ 4.9 billion in 2020, accounting for approximately 12% of the total database market.

Couchbase’s IPO puts it into the major leagues. It’s no longer just competing for NoSQL customers. Instead, it’s aimed at Oracle.

Jason BloombergFounder and President of Intellyx

Industry analysts have been optimistic about Couchbase’s outlook as it becomes a public company.

“Couchbase’s IPO has entered the major leagues, not only competing for NoSQL customers, but also looking at Oracle,” said Jason Bloomberg, founder and president of analyst firm Intellyx. ..

Holger Mueller, an analyst at Constellation Research, said he sees great potential for Couchbase as organizations continue to rely on databases to build software and services.

“Couchbase is well-positioned to be a strategic partner for companies building next-generation applications using NoSQL databases,” Mueller said. “The secret to success is to speed up developers, which allows them to build more software faster and differentiate their companies even more.”

Couchbase beyond NoSQL

In recent years, Couchbase has added features that enable transactional workloads that are often associated with relational databases.

“In my view, Couchbase has a very impressive technology, and providing full service helps to bridge the gap between the document and the relational model. JSON It provides documentation support as well as the functionality that SQL users expect, “said IDC analyst Carl Olofson.

William McKnight, an analyst at McKnight Consulting Group, said that today’s Couchbase Server is not only a complete JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) database, but also a multi-model, multi-cloud database that acts as an in-memory object cache store.

“The platform has global distribution capabilities, supports transactions, and has independent scaling of components,” McKnight said. “These characteristics make Couchbase an attractive cloud platform for the latest global workloads.”

Path from CouchDB to Couchbase IPO

The road to IPO and the history of the Couchbase database itself is a bit winding.

Couchbase itself was founded in 2011 as a merger of CouchOne and Membase. CouchOne was headed by the founder of open source, Damien Katz. Apache CouchDB We have provided commercially supported versions of databases and open source databases.

Membase had its own open source NoSQL database at the time of the merger.The system used open source Memcached caching technology..

Initially, Couchbase was somewhat associated with the open source Apache CouchDB project, but it wasn’t in 2012 because the two technologies took different development paths. For the past decade, Apache CouchDB and Couchbase have remained separate and have unrelated efforts, both of which have the noun “couch” in part of their name.

Couchbase improves NoSQL database technology

An important part of Couchbase’s technology is the company’s N1QL query language, a SQL-based query language for JSON, which became an important focus in the 2019 Couchbase 6.5 update.

Couchbase 6.5 also provided support for distributed atomicity, consistency, separability, and durability (acid)transaction. Helps close the gap between SQL and NoSQL databases.

The next major release of the database Couchbase 7.0.. It is currently in preview and is set to further enhance support for ACID transactions using the N1QL query language.

Couchbase IPO Brings NoSQL Database to Stock Market

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