Controversy over permitting facilities on the southeast side | Chicago News

Newly constructed aerial shot of Southside Recycle, 11600 S. Burley Ave. (Provided by Reserve Management Group)

The city is approaching a decision to allow a scrap metal recycling plant to operate on the southeastern side of heavy industry.

It prompted the Federal Environmental Protection Agency’s investigation and activity from locals who said their neighborhood could not tolerate the pollution they believed the new Southside Recycling Facility would bring.

“This area is already overloaded by industry,” he said. Southeast Environmental Task Force.. “This is a legacy of systematic racism found in the city of Chicago, and this is why we oppose it because our community is suffering enough.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot postponed final permit After EPA administrator Michael Regan said in a letter to Lightfoot in May that the proposal raises “grave civil rights concerns.”

Before issuing the permit, he urged Lightfoot to carry out an environmental justice assessment of the facility’s “total potential health effects.”

The Chicago Public Health Service is currently working with the EPA to conduct its health impact assessment. They aim to complete it by early next year.

“We are really trying to put the community’s concerns at the center. These concerns, which are both environmental justice and business and economic development concerns, are Megan Cunningham, Vice Chairman of the Chicago Public Health Department. States.

Not everyone is satisfied with the process involved in health impact assessment.

UIC Public Health Management and Department Schools among other groups Sign on to the letter Mayor Lightfoot, the Chicago Public Health Service, and other city officials have noted some significant scientific and technical flaws and limitations in the HIA work that has been carried out so far.

“The increase in these pollutants over time has not been shown.” Victoria Persky, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UIC, said: “For a health account, with Southeast Chicago. I think it’s biased towards not being different from other places. They considered only one community, Lincoln Park, as a comparative community. “

Jorge Perez, president of Lake Effect Community Development and business consultant for Southside Recycling, said the facility has the potential to bring economic development to the region.

“If you want to rebuild, build better, build infrastructure, get people back to work and do it right, it has to come from somewhere,” Perez said.

Will be there Public Engagement Meeting for Health Impact Assessment Zoom in from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursday, December 9th.

Note: This story will be updated with a video.

Controversy over permitting facilities on the southeast side | Chicago News

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