Congo Square Theater celebrates June 16th through art

Chicago (CBS)- The Juneteenth celebration continued throughout Chicago on Sunday, with local artists and performers raising money for good reason. Monday is the first time Illinois has officially celebrated Juneteenth as a holiday.

The Congo Square Theater celebrated June 16th with an event intended to happen in February, which was postponed for COVID-19. It is now appropriate for a festival of art and expression to be able to join the Juneteenth and Freedom Festival.

“Look at the red and black parchment. Of course, we also use the green that represents the Juneteenth flag, the African flag used here,” said Chicago scholar CEO, artist and board member. One Jeffrey Beckham said. A member of the Congo Square Theater Company.

All paint brushes send a message.

“The lines will actually be a roadmap, and what I see that ordered steps / artists often leap trust in their work to pursue careers and acting,” Beckham says. rice field. “They are implementing the notion of resilience, but it’s really important to rely on those who love you for the power of the community to find rude love in this picture.”

“Today is really all about the people who contribute to the community and the celebration of Juneteenth,” said Kristen Evans, director of the theater.

The Congo Square Theater Company has been a beacon for 22 years. A paradise for color artists to celebrate the art of black.

Congo Square Theater celebrates June 16th through art

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