Comparing US Land-based Casinos with USA Online Casinos

Players from the USA like land-based casinos, and online casinos too. But which is better? Here are some of the merits of the differing casino types for your consideration.

The Real World Atmosphere

The internet is fantastic for many things and is of increasing use for both practical, working concerns and leisure activities. Online casinos are certainly popular and can replicate much of what a player encounters in the real world. But not everything. The quiet hum of background chatter, the aroma of cocktails and whisky wafting through the air mingling with aftershave and perfume, the low clack of casino chips. Playing in person is different, and that’s why, for lots of players from the USA, the brick and mortar experience is the better.

A golden example of this is that many casinos in the real world have numerous great restaurants close at hand, providing the perfect opportunity to indulge in gastronomic delights to celebrate a lucky break or cheer oneself up if things did not go so well. Better yet, such restaurants tend to be very well-priced (as casinos derive their income from betting more than meals). Casinos also often have entertainment such as music and comedy, and some have dedicated sports sections with luxurious leather seating and huge screens to view a plethora of sports from around the world.

The Playing Vacation

The very convenience of online play also makes it a bit less special and, at the other end of the scale, players can make a whole vacation out of a casino trip. The most obvious situation is a few days or weeks spent amid the bright lights of Las Vegas, although there are plenty of casino resorts in other parts of the country too. These allow not only ready access to slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more, but the leisure industry that’s built up around such resorts means there’s a smorgasbord of diverse restaurants and facilities such as golf courses, zoos, aquariums, museums, and areas of outstanding natural beauty designed to cater to the needs of visiting casino players.

No Deposit Bonuses

Both real-world casinos and those of the online variety offer bonuses for players such as free spins and no deposit deals, but these do tend to be more generous for players online. There are numerous no deposit casino offers to avail from top operators which enable players to literally have no chance of losing. The advantage of free spins or free cash promotions is that any winnings can be kept by the player (subject to meeting the wagering requirements and within the bounds of the withdrawal cap) but because no deposit occurs there’s no chance of finishing behind. This makes it the most prudent way to play, and the highly competitive nature of the online betting world has led to a substantial number of generous no deposit promos.

Playing On The Go

The rise of the smartphone and tablet has been very significant for online casinos and increasing numbers of players every year are opting for mobile devices over desktops. It’s the antithesis of real-world hassle, with no need to check a place is open, no hour of traveling there and back, no worries about having a drink (because there’s no driving), and the option to either grab a few minutes when there’s time to kill or go for a prolonged session. While a few years ago sites and games were not optimized for mobile play, these days both casinos and games are specifically designed to work flawlessly with tablets and smartphones, and many casinos even have dedicated apps to help smooth the process even further. It’s never been easier to play on your mobile, whether at home or out and about.

A Better Chance To Win Online

Everybody knows that the odds are in the favor of the casino. This is a simple mathematical necessity, as without profits there is no casino business model and such establishments could not function. However, online casinos do offer better chances of finishing ahead than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Why would this be?

One drawback of playing at a real-world establishment is that the overheads incurred are necessarily higher than those of a casino that exists in cyberspace. In addition to staffing costs, a brick and mortar casino comes with the need to pay for lighting, heating/aircon, and other physical matters that simply do not apply to online casinos. This, in turn, means that online casinos can make the same profit as a physical casino while giving players a better chance to win (tempting them away from the real world establishments).

More Resilient To Pandemic

it’s unfortunate that we live in times when this is a factor, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that casinos are very vulnerable to such events even if they can bounce back later. The problem is that playing at a casino is a completely optional form of recreation. Not only that, the betting establishments involve a large number of people in close proximity to one another, making it an ideal environment for the spreading of an airborne disease.

By contrast, online casinos have been unaffected by the pandemic, which is why players from the USA and around the world have been playing more online and less in person since the pandemic arrived.

For the future, the question is whether we will see more pandemics. There was a gap of roughly a century from the Spanish Flu to the Chinese version in the 21st century. And, while everyone will be glad if there’s another century to the next one, there is some suggestion we might see another pandemic sooner rather than later. New influenza type diseases from the Far East have been numerous in recent years. While COVID-19 is the most serious, we should not forget recent cases of SARS, Swine Flu, and Avian Flu all emerged the same way.

State Differences

The USA is, of course, one country, but gambling regulations vary according to state. While many have been opening up to online betting or are starting to do so, there are a few holdouts like Utah and Hawaii. This is also true of the real-world situation, where there are huge numbers of casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere, but very few such establishments in some other states such as Texas. How much more convenience is afforded by playing online depends a lot on where you live. If you have a home in the middle of Las Vegas the difference will be much less than it is for someone in the middle of nowhere.

Overall, there are some plus sides to land-based casinos, but online versions do have a greater range of advantages. These include convenience, more promotions, better chances to win, and is far more robust in the face of black swan events like the COVID-19 pandemic. USA players enjoy both but online is increasingly popular.

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