Common Sports Betting Mistakes & Tips To Avoid Them

Betting mistakes are more common than you might think. And just like any other endeavour in life, the more that you do something the better at it that you will become. So if making a mistake when gambling on a sporting event is a ‘common’ occurrence, then the positive flipside to this coin is that there are plenty of opportunities for improvement and advancement. For example, one thing is to always be good at is research. In fact, we believe it to be one of my greatest strengths as a human being. It’s no secret either…when We want to learn about something specific, we put our head down and dig deep until we find out everything possible about what interests us. It’s a good quality to have and it has served well in all of my academic pursuits. So what does this have to do with betting? Being knowledgeable about the subject at hand is one of the most valuable assets that you can have at your disposal. Without getting too ‘nerdy’ on you, let us explain.

In life, if you’re going to be paying attention to one specific detail or another, why not pay attention to the details which will give you an edge over those who simply aren’t looking quite as closely? We’re not saying “don’t use general knowledge” either. Just don’t rely on it exclusively. And not to go off on a tangent, but this is one of the reasons why We also study sports gambling systems and strategies as well. Even if you possess superior knowledge or skills in a certain area doesn’t mean that your opponent(s) won’t have knowledge or skills which are superior to yours in other areas…even if those areas aren’t directly related to what you’re doing.

Knowledge is power and that’s an old saying for a reason. So if there’s one thing that We want you to take away from this article let it be the importance of research and knowing as much about each contest as possible before placing your bet(s).

How to avoid mistakes in gambling?

–  Know the key numbers and statistics for each sport.  If you’re betting on baseball, know batting averages and pitcher’s earned run average (ERA) like the back of your hand. If you’re gambling on football, know how many passing yards each quarterback had last season and what their career record is against division rivals. Also, use only reliable bookmakers like Joo Casino.

– Stay away from players who have recently been cut or put on injured reserve by their previous teams. This may sound obvious but we’re sure that there were a few times where we all thought about wagering on a certain player before stopping and saying to ourselves “he just got cut, I’ll bet him a week instead”.  Well, it doesn’t matter who you are…if you’re on the waiver wire then your job is to go out there and win money.  If not, then We don’t want any part of your action.

– Get rid of preconceived notions about teams or players that you have based solely on their name recognition. Your first thought maybe “the Packers are playing the Lions this week so it’s a lock” but chances are that thinking like this was probably what led you to make too many mistakes in the first place. We know how hard it can be to throw away what initially comes to mind when looking at matchups, but learn one thing about gambling (and life) over the years it’s that the so-called ‘safe bets’ are often anything but.

– If you’re not sure about something, don’t chance it…do some research before committing to any wager.  It can be very easy to see a team or player play poorly and immediately place your bet without even considering why they played poorly in the first place. Just because someone had a bad game or season doesn’t mean that their struggles will continue from week to week an off night is usually all it takes for a new betting line/odds to pop up on them which makes them great value picks for next time around regardless of what happened last week.

How To Get Better

– Even though we’re somewhat against the idea of general knowledge, if you don’t know anything about the sport that you’re betting on then make it a point to learn as much as possible.  At least understand all of the rules before placing any wagers.

– You can read books or articles which are dedicated to helping bettors but they aren’t necessarily your best resource for sports betting information. Searching ‘sports betting’ on YouTube will often provide plenty of free insight from top-rated handicappers and other knowledgeable sources.  Books are still great though. Just try not to limit yourself to only one source of information because there is so much at your disposal these days.

– Only bet what you can afford to lose…


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