Colm Meaney & Shush Films Other Board Comedies – Deadline

Exclusive: Corum Mini (((Conair, Star Trek), Lobby Ghee (((snatch, Small ax) When Jonas Armstrong (BBC Robin hood, Tomorrow’s edge) Signed on to Star Inn 3 days millionaire, The first feature film from the newly released British single, Shush Films..

They are James Burrows (This is england), Lauren Foster (Holby City), Sam Glen (Coronation Street), Melissa Batchelor (I may destroy you), Michael Kinsey (Destination: Dewsbury) And Grace Long (Dark pass).

Shush Films

Black comedy is chasing a gangster of British Grimsby trawlers performing a century of robbery after being unfairly dismissed. Information on the roles Meaney, Gee, and Armstrong should play has not yet been released.

Jack spring (Destination: Dewsbury) Is directed by Paul Stephenson’s script.

Spring and Giles Alderson (Dare, Serial killer guide to life) Sharing ownership of indie production company Shush Films with Andrew Petit and producing 3 days millionaire With Lucinda Rose Takararu (Confession, Arthur and Merlin: Knight of Camelot) Picture perfect.

“It was a really tough few years for many,” Alderson said. “Making the first piece from Shush Films a comedy with great touching elements is hopefully a perfect antidote.”

“We are pleased to be able to make this film and work with Corum, Robbie, Jonas and other great casts and crews,” Spring added.

Meaney is represented by ICM Partners, Accelerate Management, Liebman Entertainment, Bloom, Hergott, Diemer and Brecheen, Feldman and Breimer. Gee is in charge of the Identity Agency Group (UK). Armstrong is with Conway van Gelder Grant (UK).

Colm Meaney & Shush Films Other Board Comedies – Deadline

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