Cloud computing with satellite adoption triggers

Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-NSR’s latest report as cloud computing continues to be adopted Cloud computing via satellite, 2nd Edition (CCvS2) We forecast cumulative cloud service revenue of $ 21 billion by 2030 across four major market segments. The imminent wave of both LEO, MEO and GEO-HTS satellite communications services is set to predict 233 exabytes of traffic, significantly drive long-term cloud adoption and enhance market engagement opportunities. It has been.

“The transformation brought about by the adoption of cloud computing is just beginning to impact the satellite sector,” he said. Shiva Prakashmurganandam, NSR Senior Analyst and Report Creator. “We are seeing change and evolution in many areas, from cloud-hosted applications to cloud storage / processing by geospatial analytics providers.”

Partnerships with large IT and cloud players drive market acquisition and growth opportunities across multiple segments. Within these core segments, satellite communications will continue to lead traffic over satellites, and earth observation data downlinks will lead revenue. This represents a $ 10 billion opportunity for ground stations and data relay services to enter the downlink market.

“Growth opportunities are projected in both existing and early markets, but cost scalability remains a challenge,” added NSR analyst and report co-author. Arthur Van Eeckhout.. “But the adoption of the cloud has dramatically reduced the traditional knowledge required for engagement and lowered the barriers to entry for space-derived data services. Today, cloud-born start-ups are more than ever before. There are also many opportunities available. “

About the report

NSR’s, built on NSR’s industry-leading Satcom and EO market analysis Cloud computing via satellite, 2nd Edition (CCvS2) The latest NSR report identifies trends and developments related to cloud and big data use in the satellite industry by 2030. It forecasts the outlook for the global industry in terms of cloud data traffic / volume and cloud service revenue across key regions and applications. CCvS2 It provides decision makers with the essential tools for strategic planning and engagement across cloud computing over the satellite value chain over the next decade.

For more information on this report, including a complete table of contents, list of exhibits, and executive summary, please visit: Alternatively, call NSR at +1-617-674-7743.

Companies profiled or mentioned in this report:

AddValue, Airbus, Amazon Web Services, Arctic Space Technologies, Atlas Space Operations, Ball Aerospace, Blacksky, Capella Space, Cloud Constellation, CloudEO, Clutch Space Systems, Deimos, Descartes Labs, Dish Network, DLR, Ericsson, ESA, Gilat, Global Eagle, Global Star, Google, Groundspace, Hiber, HPE, Hughes, IBM, Iceye, Infostellar, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Iridium, Kineis, Kratos Defense & Space, KSAT, KUBOS, Leafspace, Leocloud, Lockheed Martin, Lyteloop, Maxar, Microsoft, Mynaric , Myriota, NASA, Orbex, Orbit20, Orbital Insights, Orbits Edge, Planet, Raytheon, RBC Signals, Redhat, Rezatec, RS Metrics, SAP, Saraniasat, Satsure, SES, Skyroot Aerospace, Skywatch, Sobolt, SpaceX, Spire, Spliethoff, SSC, Telesat, Tototheo Maritime, TransDigm, Unibap, Up42, Ursa, US Space Force, ViaSat, Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone, We4sea.

About NSR:

NSR is one of the world’s leading market research and consulting firms focused on the satellite and space sectors, with NSR’s global team, unmatched coverage, and the ability to forecast trends with greater reliability and accuracy than its competitors. , Is the basis of all NSR products. With its first market coverage and transparent and reliable approach, NSR stands out as a leading provider of important insights into the satellite and space industries.

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Cloud computing with satellite adoption triggers

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