Cloud Computing Description: What is Serverless SQL and Why Should You Care?


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Good. Let’s start by finding out what serverless really means.

What does serverless mean?

by Wikipedia, Serverless computing Cloud computing execution model The cloud provider manages the server and dynamically allocates the resources needed to complete the task.

So, as users, we are only responsible for the logic. You do not need to manage the scale of your server, capacity planning, or maintenance operations. That doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. They are not the only ones. 😁

What is SQL?

by Wikipedia, SQL Domain-specific programming language Used to manage the data held in relational databases.

So what is serverless SQL?

Serverless SQL Distributed computing tools that enable the processing of distributed data Use the SQL language without managing the database server itself.If you have data or “big data” on one or more of your data lakes / storages AWS S3 Or Azure blob storage, You can execute SQL queries on that data without having to build a pipeline or inject data into a distributed database such as Cassandra or MongoDB.

This is a big advantage. This is especially useful for working with offline data without creating a pipeline, or for reviewing entirely new data stored in storage before duplicating / transforming it and storing it in a dedicated database.

As with all cloud services, you need to understand the cost model. Serverless is pay-as-you-go. That is, you pay for the amount of data processed.

When executed

select *

When you run a query on 2TB, the price is calculated based on the processed 2TB data. This can be more cost effective than using a dedicated pool of servers, depending on the needs of the company / group.

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