Clayton begins probation with NCAA during FBI probe fallout

The NCAA placed Clayton’s men’s basketball program on two years of probation on Tuesday after claiming that the former assistant coach had received cash from the administration, docking scholarships every two seasons.

The Commission on Violations said Preston Murphy took no other action after the meeting at the hotel in Las Vegas. However, the meeting itself violated NCAA rules as the receipt of money formalized the business relationship in which the management company attempted to use coaches to access Clayton players.

The penalties are the latest in an extensive FBI investigation into the corruption of college basketball that has trapped numerous coaches and several well-known schools, including Kansas and North Carolina.

Murphy, who had never been charged with a crime, was given a two-year show-causing penalty by the NCAA, but most of the penalties were targeted at the Bluejays program because he couldn’t properly investigate the case.

This includes a $ 5,000 fine and 1% of the basketball program budget, loss of scholarships for the next two years, and reductions in men’s basketball recruitment trips and visits. The Blue Jays will also not be able to offer prospects and coaches free admission to home games during the November 2021 recruitment period.

The Commission said Clayton’s athletic director Bruce Rasmussen violated the Code of Ethics after conducting his own investigation without notifying or coordinating the compliance office. Rasmussen determined that no breach had occurred and kept the information himself until the FBI case was revealed.

“Violations primarily arise from individuals who allow personal relationships to cloud their judgment and influence their decisions,” the NCAA Commission said. “Specifically, the assistant coach prioritized loyalty to his friend, the Agent Associate. The athletic director saw past alarming behavior based on his trust in the assistant coach.”

The Blue Jays went to 24-9 during the 2019-20 season before the postseason was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They had their best season under Greg McDermott, finishing second in the Big East 22-9 and then making it to Sweet 16 for the first time since 1974.


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Clayton begins probation with NCAA during FBI probe fallout

Source link Clayton begins probation with NCAA during FBI probe fallout

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