City officials have not been fired or suspended after the chimney blast: Watchdog | Chicago News

Still image of a video of the dismantling of the chimney of the Crawford coal plant on April 11, 2020. (Alejandro Reyes / YouTube)

Employees of the Chicago Public Health Department or the Building Department have been fired or suspended due to their role in the destroyed demolition of the chimneys of the former Crawford coal-fired power plant, which sent dust smoke to a six-block house in Little Village. Will not be in April 2020, according to a report from the city guard dog released on Friday.

The first report from Interim Inspector William Marbuck is that the administration of Mayor Lori Lightfoot is responsible for dismissing Chicago Public Health Employees or approving and overseeing the chimney blast. He revealed that he refused to punish the two employees.

Discipline was recommended In the final report released by former Inspector General Joseph Ferguson, who resigned in October. The committee is looking for his permanent successor.

The implosion on April 11, 2020 was the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had a particularly big impact on Latin areas such as Little Village during the first wave.

According to Marveck’s report, city health officials were warned 213 days before the demolition that “dust from such events is almost catastrophic.” According to the report, 51 days before dismantling, health officials said dust was an “unpreventable by-product” of surgery.

In addition, according to the report, senior Chicago Public Health Service officials predicted that the demolition would be a “disaster.”

According to the report, “in the face of clear warnings of obvious risks from experts, senior officials play a regulatory role in a siled, technical, reductionist,” not my job “way. And worked on responsibility. “

Senior health officials, who recommended the inspector to dismiss, should have known that the plans being implemented to reduce implosion dust were “clearly inferior,” and the Chicago Public Health Service Commissioner. Did not warn Dr. Allison Arwadi. I stopped the implosion.

According to the report, “due to abandonment of high-ranking officials’ responsibilities and deliberate bureaucratic negligence, the ground could not be properly submerged before the implosion. I was able to proceed. “

According to the Chicago Public Health Service’s response to the inspector general, senior officials will be reprimanded in writing.

After a failed implosion, Wrightfoot called Hiruko’s redevelopment partner “totally unsuccessful” to protect the community and “exorbitantly unacceptable” what happened. Hiruko officials apologized.

Three companies involved in the implosion of the chimney of the former Crawford power plant raised $ 370,000 Settle the proceedings Submitted by Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul. In addition, city officials attacked Hiruko with 16 citations. Authorities said the news media had been fined $ 68,000.

Inspector General’s investigation found Hiruko’s fault in failing to guarantee that the implosion did not endanger public health, ensuring that plans to protect the surrounding area were implemented and obeyed. He made a mistake in the authorities for not taking steps to make it.

“Despite the terrible impact of redevelopment company behavior [Office of the Inspector General] According to the report, the city resolved regulatory citations with the company for the same act and did not recommend further action against them. ” “In June 2020, the redevelopment company agreed to pay the city $ 19,500 for the complete satisfaction and resolution of the citation, did not feel guilty, and denied any misconduct or liability regarding the subject of the citation. . “

The report concluded that the city’s regulatory oversight collapsed in a mistake made by two Building Bureau employees involved in the permit process. The report concludes that the negligence violated city rules and both employees should have been punished.

However, Construction Commissioner Matthew Bode rejected the recommendation, saying that employees did not violate city rules. Instead, both received “treatment counseling.”

After a widespread anger-causing incident, Lightfoot created new rules governing rarely used demolition methods, requiring community meetings to be held before permits were issued, by various city authorities. Enhanced monitoring during work.

According to the report, these new rules are sufficient to prevent similar problems, Lightfoot administration officials told the Inspector General’s office.

According to the rules governing the Inspector General, no employee was nominated in the report.

The dismantling of the former coal-fired power plant has made it possible to build a new warehouse. Currently leased to the target..

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City officials have not been fired or suspended after the chimney blast: Watchdog | Chicago News

Source link City officials have not been fired or suspended after the chimney blast: Watchdog | Chicago News

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