China accuses WHO of planning to audit Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs for studying the origin of Covid-19

China said Thursday that the World Health Organization’s (WHO) proposal to audit Chinese laboratories as part of a further investigation into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic showed “contempt” and “arrogance for science.”

last week, United Nations Health Organization With increasing pressure from the United States to investigate Wuhan’s biotechnology research institute, he said the second phase of the international research should include audits of Chinese laboratories.

The proposal outlined by WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus included “Auditing of relevant laboratories and research institutes operating in the area of ​​the first human cases identified in December 2019”- Mentioned Wuhan City, China.

But ChinaSoyoshi, the new deputy health minister, told reporters Thursday that he was “extremely surprised” by the plan, which showed “disregard for common sense and arrogance for science.”

For a long time, it was ridiculed as a right-wing conspiracy theory and severely rejected by Beijing. COVID-19 Leaks that may have come out of the lab are gaining momentum.

Beijing has repeatedly argued that the leak was “very unlikely,” citing the conclusions reached by the WHO and China joint mission to Wuhan in January.

At the same time, Chinese authorities and state media have pushed for another theory that the virus may have escaped from the US military laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Global Times, a nationalist tabloid, said it had collected 5 million signatures from Chinese web users in a petition to investigate US laboratories.

Government officials have also amplified the theory that the virus may have been imported with frozen foods.


Yuan Jimin, director of the National Biosafety Institute of the Wuhan Institute of Vase, said at a press conference on Thursday that “ pathogen leaks and staff infections have occurred since the institute was opened in 2018. No, “he said.

One of the key parts of Labrique theory is focused on the Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs’ decision to take the sequence and sample database offline in 2019.

When asked about this decision, he originally told reporters that the database is now shared only internally due to concerns about cyberattacks.

China has recently faced criticism from WHO that it did not share the raw data it needed in the first phase of the study, and Tedros gave Beijing “transparency, openness and cooperation” in the second phase. I’m looking for.

Tedros on Friday also called for further research on the animal market in and around Wuhan.

The United Nations Health Organization is under increasing pressure for new, more detailed investigations into how the disease, which killed more than 4 million people worldwide, first occurred.

WHO was able to send a team of independent international experts to Wuhan in January. This is to help Chinese counterparts investigate the origin of the pandemic more than a year after Covid-19 was first infected with Wuhan.

Thursday’s comment was made before US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman visited China on the weekend to address the deteriorating relations between the two countries.

The highest level visit under the president Joe Biden And it comes in the tension between the two powers over issues such as the origin of the pandemic, human rights, and cybersecurity.

(France24, AFP, Reuters)

First published on France24

China accuses WHO of planning to audit Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs for studying the origin of Covid-19

Source link China accuses WHO of planning to audit Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs for studying the origin of Covid-19

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