Chicago Restaurant “Fun” 100% Capacity Recovered From Friday

Chicago- Chicago Restaurant Union “We are pleased” that the industry has returned to 100% capacity for the first time in more than 450 days.

Thanks to employees and customers for helping them survive the “worst crisis in Chicago history,” the Restaurant Association is in the final stages of its “Restoration of Illinois” plan on Friday, June 11, with a full resumption of Illinois. I’m looking forward to it.

“This is the day we were looking for, the day the restaurant is working hard to achieve, and frankly, it’s the day it stays open,” said one member of the Chicago Restaurant Union.

Restaurant owners in the city can finally sigh of relief.

“Today is a celebration day and I am very grateful for the fact that this may be behind us … this pandemic,” said another member of the Chicago Restaurant Union.

Members virtually met on the eve of the city’s full reopening, noting that last year was a tough year for the service industry and that some businesses went bankrupt.

“There is a list of 65 restaurants that did not survive. Other publications that state that the number could be as high as 150.”

But for the surviving restaurants, it’s good enough to lift the capacity limit from Friday.One restaurant that never had the opportunity to crawl regular customers Lyrica, a Latin multinational restaurant on the edge of the Navy Pier..

“Lyrica opened at the hotel in late March, before Navy Pier fully reopened,” says Steven Spielberg. Starting Friday, he adds that the facility does not require masks for either staff or customers.

“I think the hardest thing for a restaurant is that these rules are pushed out, the restaurant is the intermediary trying to enforce the rules, and everyone has their own thoughts about what they want to do.” He said. “It has become an impossible job for restaurants to manage.”

Still, they are ready to move things at full speed.

“There is still general uncertainty from guests about what the rules are,” Still said. “Tomorrow, we just need to have no rules. It’s the first time in 16 months that we can’t see any rules in a restaurant.”

Chicago Restaurant “Fun” 100% Capacity Recovered From Friday

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