Chicago lifts restaurant mask obligations and curfew in accordance with CDC

For many, today (May 14th) is a historic day for Chicago and the rest of the world. city And the state says they obey New guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Those who have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 have advised that they no longer need a mask. In addition, the city has relaxed various restrictions under a “vaccine exemption” policy. For example, Chicago citizens are looking forward to the resurgence of a late-night bar that is open until 4am for the first time since the pandemic began tonight.

Other than following the CDC’s instructions, Governor JB Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot have yet to provide details on how to ease mask restrictions. The CDC makes clear exceptions, especially for medical facilities and public transport.

Regardless of the CDC guidance, restaurant and bar owners have the right to set their own rules to ensure the comfort of their customers and employees. Not everyone, including infants, is vaccinated. Vaccination also reduces the risk of infection and aggravation, but people with a history of illness are still more susceptible to the disease.

Service industry staff have already checked their age and temperature at some venues and are now required to check for vaccines.
Barry Brescheisen / Eater Chicago

Masks are a familiar sight to restaurants in Illinois Since Pritzker closed indoor dining on March 16, 2020 A face cover needed by customers and restaurant employees who receive food.Recovered state Patio dining in early June 2020 They also had to wear masks when standing and while sitting when employees approached. The latter was not enforced uniformly, and the server and diner were awkwardly trying to respect each other. Some diners who felt they had the right to spend a relaxing night ignored the obligation to sit masks.Resuming eating and drinking in the store Late June 2020However, it was stopped again from October to January.

Illinois and Kentucky will immediately follow the CDC’s revised guidelines. Others will follow. Prior to the CDC’s announcement, Illinois was already preparing for the first day of Friday. State bridge phaseA provisional period to prepare the inhabitants for a complete resumption of the economy. Pritzker is targeting mid-June towards the end of this bridge phase, and the state will move to Phase 5. Restoration of COVID-19 Recovery Plan in IllinoisLightfoot predicts that Chicago will look like this: Follow in July..

At bars and other venues, customers can now stand without wearing masks.
Barry Brescheisen / Eater Chicago

The switch is not triggered during the bridge phase, so the situation returns instantly to the pre-pandemic world. For example, Bruce Finkelman, a 16-inch co-founder of the Center’s Revival Food Hall in the Loop, Sarria Hall in Pilsen, the company behind the Empty Bottle in Ukraine Village, is worried about the mental state of its customers. He tells Eater that he predicts that customers who haven’t interacted properly with friends and others for more than a year will have a sort of training wheel stage.

That attention extends to workers. The state reports that more than 10 million doses of the vaccine have been given. 2.2 million doses in ChicagoThe city continues to address concerns about vaccine inequality and strives to ensure that vulnerable people are vaccinated. Many of the members of these groups are in the service industry, and those who feel that masks are no longer useful should be suspended.

Immunization clinics are emerging throughout the city as a safety measure. For example, Tee Fujimura, the owner of the reputed sushi restaurant Arami, hosted a clinic on Mother’s Day weekend. For residents of Logan Square and Avondale..

I have a lot of questions since the announcement on Thursday. Ask Eater Chicago to explain what this means for the Chicago dining scene.

Two people in shorts sitting at a wooden picnic table and enjoying a summer day at the rooftop bar.

According to company rules, masks are no longer required for Chicago restaurant and bar customers.
Barry Brescheisen / Eater Chicago

What is the bridge phase?

The Bridge Phase is a set of rules designed to help individuals and businesses get out of the more restrictive pandemic regulations of Restore Illinois Phase 4 without removing the guidelines altogether. For restaurants and bars, this intermediate step means increasing the capacity to 75% with at least 6 feet of space between the tables. According to city guidelines..

A party seated at both indoor and outdoor tables can include a dinner for up to 10 people. Up to 6 people can have a party at the bar or counter. The facility can only accept patrons with a capacity limit of 25%.

However, as of Friday, fully vaccinated diners do not count towards these capacity caps. According to LightfootRestaurants and bars can also host parties of 10 or more if all users are fully vaccinated. With this change, the city will be in line with state policy.

What does this mean about the use of masks?

CDC announced Fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask indoors or outdoors, except in certain environments such as medical facilities and public transport.

Neither Pritzker nor Lightfoot have announced new mask guidelines yet, but state and city rules may be revised soon.A Pritzker spokeswoman said Is Chicago Tribune The Governor will amend Illinois’ masking obligations in line with the CDC’s new recommendations. As of Friday morning, the city or state’s public health department will provide guidance to the hospitality industry on changing mask requirements. Not issued.

Can you hold a large party?

Up to 30 people per 1,000 square feet can attend outdoor festivals and other general admission events. The indoor farmer’s market can accommodate up to 15 people per 1,000 square feet, and the outdoor farmer’s market can accommodate up to 20 people in the same area.

Regulations have also been relaxed at social events such as weddings. It can accommodate up to 250 people indoors and up to 500 people outdoors. Ticket-based and seated spectator events such as sports, theaters and concerts are limited to 60% of capacity, regardless of venue size.

How does this affect the bar?

The city allows late-night licensed bars to open until 4 am, but there are some caveats. Izakaya can only allow fully vaccinated customers. Verification raises great concerns within the industry. The city still needs a bar with indoor services to serve food and menus such as QR codes to nearby restaurants that can be delivered during bar opening hours.

So how does a restaurant know who was vaccinated?

Authorities suggest they check A vaccination card, a photo or copy of the card, or other printed or digital document containing a record of the vaccine and proof of the user’s name. All licensed operators are responsible for confirming vaccination.

Sam Toia, Chairman and CEO of the Illinois Restaurant Association, says the association is committed to providing information to the industry. He tells Eater Chicago that Cook County and the City of Chicago will announce guidance later on Friday.

The governor says he supports vaccine passports, What New York is thinking, Pritzker Not seeking requirements in IllinoisChicago has announced a similar “Vax Pass” required for staff and attendees of summer events such as Windy City Smoke Out and Lollapalooza. The latter will return to Grant Park this summer. Details have not yet been announced.Technology is has already been taken At venues such as NHL and NBA stadiums.

Do not agree with the myth about privacy breaches of medical information. Disclosure of whether a customer has vaccinated a restaurant employee does not violate federal patient privacy law. Health Insurance Interoperability and Accountability Act — Includes Patient Privacy Policy — Does not apply to people outside the medical fieldIt is a violation if a nurse or healthcare provider posts an Instagram post showing a patient’s vaccination record. However, the guard or host requesting evidence is not eligible. Lecture at University of Michigan School of Medicine On this topic, with Howard Markel, director of the school’s Center for History of Medicine.

“They won’t deprive you of your freedom,” Markel said of his request to show evidence of vaccination. “In fact, you can travel where you want to go and do what you want, so you have the freedom. It’s not a problem, and those who say it’s not are controversial where nothing should exist. “

Chicago lifts restaurant mask obligations and curfew in accordance with CDC

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