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Chicago (CBS) — Red carpet will be officially deployed for 57NS Year-round Chicago International Film Festival, You have the chance to see the ongoing movie award winners first.

The festival began Wednesday night and more than 700 movie lovers were immersed in the cinema.

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Morning Insider Lauren Victory shares more from behind the scenes.

Chicago International Film Festival

You can feel in the air that something exciting is flowing into the city. The 57th theater appreciation of the Chicago International Film Festival is back. Last year, some screenings were offered outdoors, but due to the pandemic, most of the events were virtual.

“It’s a completely different experience. The comedy you’re watching is very interesting when you’re laughing with others,” said Managing Director Vivian Ten, who returned to the face-to-face screening. “It’s a topic, an energy, and a conversation that follows.”

For 2021, festival organizers will be able to watch multiple red carpet events and 89 features on the big screen.

Many of the screenings will take place at the new festival location. Includes the Lake View Music Box Theater, Loop’s Gene Siskel Film Center, and Bronzeville’s Parkway Ballroom. Streeterville’s AMC River East and Pilsen’s Chitown Movie Drive-In also made a venue list.

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“Some people can’t come downtown and some aren’t comfortable yet, but they may go to the screenings in the neighborhood,” Mimi Proush explained about the expansion of the location. In recent years, most of the festivals have been centered around AMC River East.

As the artistic director of the festival, Proche is responsible for choosing the films to be screened. They include several international titles and genres, from history to romance to what is called “experimental.”

All screenings will somehow premiere in Chicago, the United States, and even the world’s first.

“The first thing I saw was definitely your shot,” Proche said.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative PCR test is required. Masks must be worn at check-in and in the theater, but not in the car if you are heading to the screening at drive-in.

“We also offer virtual options for those who aren’t very comfortable yet,” added Proche, adding that many, but not all, movies will be virtually available.

Tickets can be purchased for individual screenings or as part of a pass.

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The Chicago International Film Festival will run until October 24th.

Chicago International Film Festival Revives, Screened in 5 Theaters – CBS Chicago

Source link Chicago International Film Festival Revives, Screened in 5 Theaters – CBS Chicago

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